Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hocking Hills: day 3

After the two warmest, clearest days of the year, a rainy day was in the forecast. The weatherman on the local station was making it sound as if a hurricane was coming. While it did rain and it was windy, it was not nearly as bad as predicted. 

We decided to hit the little playground near our cabin. I've been looking for a hill with an unobstructed horizon for a very long time. I had to do some angling to keep boats and trees out of these shots, but these will go down in history as some of my favorite pictures EVER.

I only wish the men in my life had been a bit more willing to stay just a teensy bit longer atop the hill. Nevertheless, I got some keepers.

****Anyone with editing tips on how I could make these better, PLEASE COMMENT. 

It was very overcast and I was pretty far away AND using a fixed lens. I had to move quickly because the subjects were complaining before I'd taken the first shot...I didn't edit much and don't want to overdo it, but I want them to be canvas worthy. 

 My man, Simon with his mad skillz.
 He always manages to snag some shots that I fall in love with. 
He got a little annoyed with me over the tire swing shots, so he just held down the shutter. No worries, Kid, it's a digital age and mama got a new card. He couldn't fill it up if he tried. :D

Our fun at the park was interrupted by a short downpour. We headed into town where there was a whole lotta nothing to do. We found this little petting zoo attached to a restaurant(???) and gave the kids the only quarter we had. Hence, the picking up kernels of corn on the ground that other, richer children had previously allowed to drop haphazardly.

 This little butthead (ha, get it?) was quite the hog. His cuteness got him many handfuls of kibble. I noticed at one point his cuteness stopped working on the older two boys. I believe they saw some Titus in this Kid.

 And so they decided to turn their loving gazes on the older brother. 
 And Titus the Kid gave his big brother the stink eye. I mean, c'mon. I want a baby goat. Seriously? How much cuter does it get??

 After running out of food, Titus magically found another quarter and helped himself to a pony ride...

 After finding a much needed coffee shop, we were amped and ready to play some more. We told the boys if it wasn't raining at the exact moment we passed the park, we'd stop again. Jude got in a little snooze and Sean ran them some more...
 And I locked them all out in the next downpour because I'm funny like that.
 By the time we made it back up to the cabin, it had stopped raining AGAIN. And the boys still hadn't gotten the park out of their system. So we walked back. We made it 3/4 of the way there and a kind gentleman in a large truck informed us of a snake he'd just seen up the road. 

I'm sure if he hadn't told us, we never would've even known it was there. I would've been okay with that. We got to see the thing in action. As another large truck rolled over it, it jumped up at it and revealed enough of a fang that I freaked the crap out. I don't know what kind of snake it was, but I was entirely unwilling to investigate for the sake of knowing. 

More park, this time with no pictures. Then back to the cabin for one last cookout.

This time I decided to really get into it and let the kids go nuts with the campfire treats. Granted, the graham crackers are organic, the chocolate is expensive and even the marshmallows are homemade(by the bakery at Whole Foods-I'm not that far gone.)...there is still a reason one shouldn't indulge. 
 I'll admit that it was good. Delicious, even. But the severity of the gut ache that ensued made it 75% not worth it. 
 This guy, though, he's a fan. 
 A big, 

 In hindsight, allowing them to add a Newman-O to their schmo...may have been a tad overkill.

 And that concluded the excitement of our weekend. Unless you consider going to bed with the air conditioning on and waking up to THIS excitement...
:) It actually was pretty exciting to see the place glistening.


Corey said...

Love love love these pictures! I don't know what I'd do different in editing…i think they look great!
And can I hire Simon to take my family pics? Seriously the kid has an eye! :)
Looks like a really fun weekend! Just beautiful.

Jude said...

These are the BEST family pics! I do LOVE the blurry one!!! I say yes to a canvas! Can you paint in a bit of blue in the sky? (like on a a new layer in PSE?) The one of you and Sean on the swing... that is perfection! way to go Simon!!!