Friday, April 04, 2014

slice of life

I heard something this week that stuck with me. Things that make sense sometimes do that. It was during a marriage book/Bible study type thing. The author was saying that it blows his mind that God cares about one moment of one conversation during one day of one person's life.

I've been paying more attention to the seemingly insignificant. I think I've always done so, but they're holding a heavier weight lately. The little tasks. The (nice) comments between brothers. The backseat banter of which I have no role. The joke that Titus came up with that actually made sense and produced laughter from all. The hesitant almost steps that Jude is taking. Jude's new grabby hand motion that melts us all.

These little moments are what make up my life. Whether added up or taken individually, I see that my life is pretty fantastic.
Simon took a whole set of these. It was a warm day. A warm day! As in, short sleeves and bare feet and playing outside til the sun went down. 

An ordinary moment I don't want to forget: 
Sean telling Titus to stop talking so much and eat his dinner, "Titus, enough. Zip it. End of story."
Without missing a beat, hand motions and all, Titus, "Unzip!<finishes his unfinished story>"

And one more:
Jude's favorite thing lately is sticking his finger in people's belly button. Anyone's belly button. It's great. Simon was his victim the other day and I noticed my string bean has an actual set of abs. Not just ribs poking out anymore, but chiseled muscle. 

"Simon! When did that happen?"-I asked.
<insert massive boost to his already unhealthy feelings of self admiration>
Seriously, is there a creature more enamored with self than a pre-teen male?
Upon marveling as his muscle while doing sit-ups at random intervals(not even joking), he asked, 
"Will they go away?"
I replied with a grin, "Not until you get married!"

I really need a small set of drums. I give myself mental rim shots all the time. 
Ba-dum CHING.

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Jude said...

I love this photo!! He looks so big though :(
I would totally give you a drum approval for that joke too :)