Saturday, May 17, 2014

Change of Plans

At the beginning of the week my calendar was all marked up full of things to do. A baby shower on Friday, a pedicure, followed by a walk for a cause on Saturday and our typical Sunday chock full of activities. I was very much looking forward to all my calendar had in store. By Thursday, every single event had been changed and in ways that make my head spin. In a good way.

A friend offered to watch my children Friday night so Sean and I could celebrate our upcoming anniversary. Without even thinking about it, I agreed. It's not as if people offer to watch four children on a regular basis. Not sane people anyways.

The Mr. and I went on a very romantic date at a very fancy restaurant. We talked and ate and talked and ate. I told him when he agreed to the date that our sitter had conditions. Her condition was that she and I go on an antiquing adventure Saturday morning. Alone. No kids. No husbands. Somehow both husbands agreed. This is the same antiquing adventure Sean and I embarked on with the kids last year.

I couldn't sleep. Jude was most of the reason, but every time he woke me up, I stayed wide awake thinking of the day to come. It didn't help that I got an AWESOME text that I didn't see until 2am...A completely unrelated text, but one that I have been praying for for quite some time. More on that in another post. The text rearranged my Sunday in a way that made me shout, "Thank You, Lord!" :)

6:30 came and went and dawn woke me up at just about 7. I set my alarm for PM. :/ Thankfully, I still made it out the door on time, but without coffee. I can't do mornings without coffee anymore. We made it to the outdoor antiquing adventure. 2,000(yes, THOUSAND) vendors to conquer. The weather forecast said "61 degrees, partly cloudy." Reality's forecast was raining, 43 degrees. We were FREEZING. We sought coffee. We ended up with hot chocolate. And Swiss Miss was also selling funnel cakes. Who says no to funnel cakes?

As we ate and talked and ate and talked, my lip started to feel funny. I thought it was due to the cold. Until I could no longer bite my top lip. I glanced in a mirror and saw this staring back. It was bad. It stayed with just my top lip and I was breathing just fine but as the minutes passed, my bottom lip started to itch. I kept picturing my throat swelling shut and a carni(the event staff is akin to carnival workers as the bonanza is held at the fair grounds) having to shove a bic pen into my trachea.
As we stood in the "Dog Building" having ducked out of the rain for the bazillionth time, we decided to ditch the road show and go for grub. We were a bit excited at the beginning of our day and didn't pay a ton of attention to where we'd parked. Winding out way through the tents, we decided to stop inside one more covered booth and take a peek at the map. When we walked in, Kristine commented on the Red Cross type pillows. I'd been looking at medical type stuff all day, thinking of my beloved. The pillows were cute, but I didn't really want one. We were chatting with the ladies running the booth and my lip entered the conversation. "I have a Benadryl!" the lady said. Her $.05 Benadryl and sip of water got her a $20 pillow sale. :) I have never been so thankful!

Turns out, there's not much grub to be had in Springfield, OH. The town is scary. Apocalypse scary. We did find one great little(organic even!) panini shop and cafe. We talked and ate and talked and ate and talked and maybe even cried a little. It was the best way to spend a Saturday and I am so very thankful for this friend of mine. I'll be writing up a whole post about her and her family soon. The way God has woven our stories together is pretty awesome.

Tomorrows adventure involves my beloved getting the kidlets churched, entertained, and fed for another day on his own. After being Super Dad all day today, he cooked us an amazing dinner of grilled chicken thighs, pasta, a brie alfredo sauce(TO DIE FOR), and sugar snap peas with pancetta. 

We ate and talked and ate and laughed and ate and complimented the chef. I am looking forward to digesting and sleeping so I can get my Sunday adventure underway!


Corey said...

oh i love weekends like this! sounds really finn! except for the lip! glad you got Benadryl!

Corey said...

*fun not finn lol! i'm typing one handed :P