Thursday, May 08, 2014

For the Grands.

Since the Grandmas and Grandpas aren't on Instagram...The rest of you, feel free to ignore this post. :D

Titus is quite the ham these days. The joke that accompanied this picture, "The chicken said, 'My butt hurts.'"
 The two older jokesters fashioned dog poop out of mud and placed it in their father's path. I warned that it wasn't the best day for it as he'd already alerted me to several various issues he was having. "Are you kidding?!" Simon rebutted, "It's the perfect day for it!"
 Sean engaging in potty humor with the Burrito. He was whispering "pooooooop" over and over. 
 I looked out the window the other day to find him happily scootering about with a full rack. Completely unaware of why it would be hilarious. 
 We found a lovely little getaway close to home to take family walks and enjoy nature...And then I saw on the news a few days later that they were gathering search crews to attempt to find a dead body along this very spot. 
 I don't know what to say about this picture. I'm not sure why the city chose a fat kid on training wheels as their mascot...? Is it supposed to make the chubby ones feel better about themselves? I'm still confused by this. 

 Always at my feet. Always. 
 Unless he's trying to access stairs.

 "The milk tastes funny." 
 Little boy (who still won't walk) has decided to skip baby toys. 
 Felix climbed a six foot chain link fence to get a peek at the roof of the garage. Now he knows what those sharp pieces at the top of the fence feel like when stabbed into one's hand. It's healed now, but it was a bad day for the little Mr. The little cut went down in about 1/2 an inch. 

 Plotting. These two are always plotting. 

 Upon stopping at the ATM, Titus asked, "Why can't mannequins go into the bank?"
 His clothes keep shrinking...

 He's quick, this one. He bolted for the slide and slid down it before I could get around a ladder and snatch him. I didn't think he was ready for slides yet. :/
 We went fossil hunting last weekend. 
 It was their reward for antiquing. :)
 And one last completely random picture. 
Your grandsons keep me laughing. 
And on the verge of insanity. 
It's a fine line.
Come visit soon.

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