Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hey, it's Tuesday!

Which means I really don't have to think to write. I can just do a list of random pieces of information. It works as my life is feeling pretty random lately.

1-The Sunday adventure I mentioned last week: getting to see one of my very best friends. A friend that lives a long way away that I hadn't seen in a long, long time. A friendship that I was really afraid I'd lost due to inattention. There was no hurt feelings or miscommunication, it was just life. Crazy, busy life and the passage of too much time. What's funny is that I'd been praying about what to do. After reaching the end of my own ideas, I said to God, "God, I don't know what to do. Please fix this situation." Not even joking, the next morning at 2 a.m. I checked my phone and there was a text. Not only did God answer my prayer for contact with my friend, He delivered BIG by arranging a face to face meeting. We were able to pick right up where we left off and a big, sad cloud has been blown away.

2-Grandma and Grandpa flew into town on our anniversary. Grandpa decided it was time for Jude to walk. His mission was successful and now Grandpa owes me another trip north to help chase his grand boy.

3-My dad took the three big kids to the AF museum while my mom and I ran errands. It was a full day of errands and my dad had uttered the words "gift shop" in the children's presence. I was worried about him. They stayed until the museum closed, just about. The kids trotted out to the car with their arms full of styrofoam airplanes and stories of Mr. T's nagging campaign. Grandpa looked tired.

4-Thursday, Sean had a mock graduation. Because there are only a handful of anesthesia students, they don't get a real graduation. Their chance at pomp and pageantry was during a graduation for Medical School residents. They even got a real diploma, though it wasn't signed and they had to give it back after the ceremony. I'm still glad we went. It was a really nice ceremony at the greatest venue, the Air Force Museum. As my friends and I took up the last two rows, filled to the gills with our children, I got choked up quite a bit. I'm not sure if it was from pride or from knowing we still aren't done. I know some of it was looking at my two friends and realizing we won't always be together. I can't imagine them being in some far away place and watching their kids grow up via Facebook.

5-I was a teensy bit nervous about my parent's flight home after seeing two birds fly out of my dad's wing. My dad mentioned some weather they'd have to avoid near Charlotte. Sadly, a plane just like my dad's went down in the very system they were able to maneuver around.

6-After dropping them at the airport, we loaded up and headed to my Aunt and Uncle's. I love their house. It really feels like a vacation. We just relax and have fun. We opted to go for a fireworks show with two of my cousins. The men-folk all played frisbee until it was too dark to see. It was very small town USA, complete with ice cream cones and a band playing patriotic music in the distance.

7-On Sunday, my cousins and I got to spend some time catching up in the car. We had a bbq and took pictures and celebrated being together. A highlight of the day was stopping for gas and being in the car with my two baby (second) cousins (once removed? Their grandmother is my first cousin.). The newest dad hopped in the car and I asked him, "So what do you think of being a dad?" He said with all the emotion of a first time father, "Like I have something to live for." I'm so excited to see where life leads his family.
8-10. Pictures that make me happy lately. 

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Jude said...

so sweet. love that your dad has an airplane!