Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day

I was flipping through an old scrapbook the other day and realized I have got to get back to jotting down the little stuff.

As mothers, we all have grandiose ideas about what Mother's Day shall be and how it should go. For instance, as I rolled out of bed this morning having already been up at 2 and 4(that's A.M.), I vowed to myself, "I shan't be changing any diapers today."


I also vowed not to yell at anyone or about anything on the way to church. We were ten minutes late, but I didn't yell. I feel I won that round. I was a titch snarky, but I figure that's better than all out war on Sunday mornings.

Mother's Day happened to come up en route to church. I'm pretty sure I wasn't the one who brought it up, but I can't be positive...Having already diffused several of my bombs this morning, Sean got cocky. He called Mother's Day a "made up holiday that was designed to make husbands feel like dirt bags." I rebutted that perhaps the husbands who put thought into what Mother's Day should be for their beloveds don't feel like dirtbags. And then we both laughed and went on our merry way of being late.

Church was awesome. The preacher read the bit about the virtuous wife in Proverbs 31. I don't remember it being so convicting. As I nodded along in agreement to the wise words of Solomon, I thought, "Yes. Mm hmm. I do that. Virtue. Virtue abounds." I'm very humble, y'see. It was verse 26 that got me: "And on her tongue is the law of kindness." That one made the soundtrack that was playing so melodiously in my head screech to a halt. 


Upon returning home, I decided it would be a great idea to flip our family room and the boys playroom. The loft gets really hot in the summer and the boys playroom is directly beneath Jude's room. Two reasons to flip flop. As I descended into the room that holds all things plastic, the law of kindness was not on my tongue.

After a trip to the children's consignment store to dump of a trunk load of salvageable toys we returned home again to continue on with this glorious task. It wasn't until I was helping Sean hoist part of our giant couch around the house that I said, "Why did you let me talk you into this? We're moving in six months!" Our couch won't fit down into the basement via the inside of the house. We had to go outside and around through the back door. In the rain. We couldn't set it down as the ground was wet and we'd taken the stinking legs off. By the time we made it to the top of the basement steps, my arms couldn't take it anymore. How was I to know it would slide? As Sean tried to slow it down, he said, "I got it! I'll get it myself!" I will say kindness was not on his tongue at that moment either. So I decided to escalate the situation by donning my best Ross voice and yelling, "Pivot! PIVOT!" over and over until he finally cracked a smile.

As he and the boys finished setting up our new areas, I made Dutch babies for dinner. Dessert disguised as dinner? Doesn't get any better than that!

Virtue did finally abound at days end when I gave up my idea to paint furniture. That'll have to wait until...tomorrow?

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Jude said...

oh my word... yelling pivot, i was literally laughing out loud. law of kindness... OUCH!