Thursday, May 29, 2014

This guy

ordered FIFTY dollars worth of magnetic blocks on my phone the other day. FYI, Zulily has a kid-code option to prevent such things. They also have a no return policy. Awesome.
 He redeemed himself by sleeping through the night two nights in a row. This is huge. I heard once that habits are formed in three days. I've always clung to that lifeline, but somehow I think it's a lie. Either way, I'm praying he'll sleep through a third night and a firm sleep habit will finally be established. For the love of all things sleepy, it's time!!
 This man below is responsible for his new skill: walking. I was perfectly content with his lack of mobility. Crawling was okay with me. I assumed he'd become a biped eventually, but I wasn't pushing it. At all. Then Grandpa came for a visit and my plans were thwarted. 

If I'd thought learning to walk would make him sleep, I probably would've pushed it months ago. 
 He grunts and points and shrieks to convey his wants and desires. I didn't realize how much he did this until I was around the polite little one in the top picture. She actually says "please" and "thank you." 
 Manners and mobility? We're working on it.

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Jude said...

yeah for sleep!
and on my on the blocks... that is going to be funny someday! ;)