Monday, June 16, 2014

15 months

 Fifteen months is where it's at. The boy is sleeping through the night most nights. He's eating like it's his job. Eating things he shouldn't, such as pebbles from the driveway and stickers. 
 He had his first head injury this month. Nothing tragic, just a case of confidence not matching ability.  He took a short dive off my friends porch. 
 He says all of his brother's names. I'm pretty sure he said(yelled), "Where are you?" last night. 
He says "Mama" and "Dada." 
He gives THE greatest kisses. Just see the last post for proof. 
He loves to play chase. If any of us say, "I'm gonna get you..." he's off like a flash. 
He still likes bellybuttons. His and others. He is awesome at giving zerberts. 
 Chewing on grass, thinking about the South. 
 Walking like a pro.
 He loves water. Baths, the hose, water buckets. He loves it all. 
He loves birdwatching and squirrel watching. 
That's a fistful of sand in the bottom of his cup. Bottoms up! Speaking of things a fourth child is allowed to ingest, we were at a restaurant a few days ago... He was flipping out over who knows what. Not shrieking or anything, just antsy. So, I plugged his yapper with a lollipop like a good mom. He threw it on the floor after a few licks and carried on with his carrying on. Like a good dad, Sean went to the car to retrieve another lollipop. I can't imagine where the boy gets his sense of entitlement...Lollipop number two, the last of the lollipops, was also launched to the floor. It wasn't that he didn't want the candy, it's that he is big on cause and effect. He throws something, we spring into action trying to keep the little tyrant from missing what he just threw to the ground. Lollipop number two fell victim to the five second rule. I snatched it up off the ground, carpet fibers and all, swished it through a cup of water and handed it right back to him. I do have limits. When he threw it again just a few licks later, it went in the garbage. I'm all for restaurant floor grime, but I ain't all about restaurant floor hair. That's a rule in our house. If it hits the floor and comes up hairless, it's fair game. If it comes up with a hair on it, it's gonzo. 

The kid's a peach. We have so much fun with him. I was kinda sad to see the baby stage go, but he's turned into such a fun toddler. :) 

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