Saturday, June 28, 2014


Quite a few people have requested an update from the campers perspective. :) I don't even know where to begin. The big two haven't stopped talking since I picked them up. I'm not joking. Just when they stop telling one story, another begins. I hear, "And, OH!..." and "Mom, guess what!" and "Then there was..." and random fits of laughter and a shared look between them. I love it.

I only went to sleep away camp a few times and I remember the same feelings. Leaving a bit nervous, coming back with the greatest memories and friendships. I am so thankful they went with such a small group.

It seems they had very few rules and went to bed promptly at 11 pm every night. Most of the stories are coming from round about that time anyhow. I swim in a sea of testosterone daily. I smell the smells, I hear the sounds, yet our boys are pretty tame as far as typical boys go. They have manners and they know my limits. They breeze right through those limits many-a-time, but they are there. The stories coming from the boy's cabin had me cracking up. There was much farting and wrestling and towel whipping and pants-ing. There was being obnoxious for obnoxious sake without fear of a mother's backlash.

I am so, so grateful that the chaperone they went with just let them be boys. Encouraged it even! His middle daughter is our babysitter and I've always known she was cut from good cloth. Now I am even more certain. He's the father of three girls, so I imagine chaperoning a bunch of dirty dawgs is his chance to let his hair down and just be one of the guys. The best chaperones are the ones that cause just as much ruckus as the kids, in my opinion. :D

The food did not make Simon sick. He didn't tempt fate nearly as often as Felix from the sounds of it, but my concern about their future college freshman days have been renewed. "You'll be glad to know I only drank soda at lunch and dinner." Well, thank goodness for that. :)

This post may be as random as their stories. Last night at dinner, I could tell Simon was having a moment. I wasn't sure if he was missing camp or what, but he got up from the table just as the rest of us were chowing down. I asked him if he wanted to chat as he went upstairs. As I shared a look of concern with Felix, he met my gaze with legitimate compassion. I was touched by this move of God. And then he raised his eyebrows and whispered, "I'll eat his burger," with a nod and a reach towards Simon's plate. He's so sensitive.

Simon was busting his own chops for snapping at Titus. He was upset that he's still a jerk sometimes even after camp. "I guess I didn't learn anything at all!" We had the greatest talk. I reiterated that we will nevereverever overcome ourselves. I reminded him that five year olds are designed to be annoying and that no matter how much we pray and try to overcome the sin of wanting to snap, we won't be able to. I told him we ALL need to work on our mouths and reactions to each other.

Sean stepped in and they had a man-to-man and at the end Sean made him watch an episode of Hoarders on youtube. HA!! He FINALLY gets it. He truly understands our concern. See previous post if you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Titus ran up to me excitedly this afternoon, "Simon gave me this Lego gun out of his hoard!"

Another touching moment: I was physically standing at the bathroom door to make sure Felix would stop talking long enough to brush his teeth as my fifteen demands from downstairs weren't being heeded. "And guess what?" he began. He launched into a story about another camper seeing his Bible. They made fun of Felix's name. Almost nine years and it finally happened. I said, "You know what, though? Wouldn't you rather be made fun of for your name than for being fat or skinny or tall or short? As far as being teased goes, your name really isn't anything to worry about." He rolled right into another story of two of his friends being made fun of for being chubby. :( My precious, precious boy had tears in his eyes. I love his heart. I love that it surprises him that kids are mean. I love that it would never even occur to him to pick on someone based on their physical appearance.

There was boating and swimming and archery and chapel and blisters and all the other typical church camp memories. They're still running a constant stream of stories during their waking hours. I'm hopeful we'll get some pictures from somewhere! I am so very, very glad they went.

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