Friday, June 27, 2014

Just two.

 The big kids went off to church camp this week. Monday-Friday, three hours away. They've never been away from me for that long, except maybe with Grandma and Grandpa. Even then, I don't think it was for five days...I almost didn't let them go. I worried about a lot of different things. Simon didn't want to go because he was worried about the food. He was convinced he'd be sick the whole time. I'm anxious to hear about that. As I type, they aren't home yet. In the end, I decided it would be good for them. It's a small, great group of kids and I trust the chaperones. That's pretty much what it boiled down to. 
 It was a good time for them to go, too. It was awesome to focus on just the two little guys for a change. 
 After dropping them off, the three of us headed to one of our favorite parks. Sadly, the main attraction is closed on Mondays...
 "Two thumbs up if you're glad you're brothers are gone!"
 I decided to take a peek under Simon's bed in an effort to do a deep clean without opinions and requests. I figured it would be a good chance to purge some things that needed purging. I had no idea what the deep, dark lair of Simon's underworld held for me. Six trash bags. SIX. From under a single, twin bed. 
 I wish I'd taken more pictures of the things inside this shoe box. In the end, I've decided MacGyver is OFF THE LIST of shows I'll allow him to watch. :) Think, folded tinfoil, twist ties, bubble wrap, paperclips(of course!), sharpened sticks, random pieces of metal, I could go on. You get the idea.
 I also found about fifteen "journals" dating back as far as when he first learned to write. This is just one gem that made my homeschooling heart proud...This is from last year or maybe the year before. His desire to read is no stronger now than it was then. 
 A random shiv found in an empty gum box. 
 This paper really did make my homeschooling heart proud. 
 Just one corner. And this was after two SOLID HOURS of digging stuff out. Lest you think my children are slobs, I should comment: they do an amazing job of helping out around the house. Their room, shared by three stinky boys, is actually fairly clean. My little hoarder does a fantastic job of hiding and organizing his...what do you call it? Obsession? Collections? 
Either way, he's been relocated to the loft where his bed can float freely away from any walls. His bedskirt has been confiscated and his collections have been organized. He now has a jar for rocks, a jar for coins, a jar for other SMALL trinkets. A basket for art stuff, a basket of notebooks, a giant lock box for things he doesn't want his brothers getting into. He has three empty shelves designated just for him. And he has a crazy mother who will make good on her threats of cell sweeps(or cell tosses, if you will) should he get out of hand again.

 Back to the FUN! Rain ruined our first day of playground adventures. We tried two different parks in the hopes of avoiding the storm in the background. To no avail. 
 While he didn't miss his brothers one bit, he did miss having roommates. He got to sleep in my bed the first night. The second night I let him crash on the couch while watching a movie. Somehow he wound up in our most uncomfortable chair at some point...
 where Jude was happy to wake him up with squealy slaps about his face and arm. 
 In other news, my onions have all been peeled and raw potatoes have been taste tested. 
 A second attempt at the park yielded a happy kiddo. I said, "Two thumbs up if you're still glad you're brothers are gone!" No thumbs, but his smile is true. 
 He never naps. We also never gogogo like we did this week.
 Being spontaneous backfired. Luckily, Titus knows what, "Let's ask Daddy!" means.
 No fish, but we did get pop-its and Sparklers. After being carded at Meijers. LAW forbid you buy SPARKLERS! Stinking nanny state...I was so baffled. I have much, much more to say, but I'll keep it to myself in the interest of time. 
 Much water play took place this week. 
 I mean, really...
Sigh. He is beautiful.
 My favorite iPhone picture EVER.

 more blurry phone snaps. 
 He loves finding lightning bugs during the day. This was a baby one. "Maybe he's trying to find his Mama," he said. :)

 Judelet fell asleep in the car. What were we to do but let the child get his rest? No drive thru coffee shops were near, but Granny C's Donuts was...
 He only ate enough to get his lips sticky. "It's too sweet! Do I have to eat it?" Mama win.

 Sneaking zucchini...another mama win.

 During the hoarder excavation, we found a Dsi, a Dsi charger and about ten Dsi games. Mr. T was a happy, happy kid. And Jude, he don't need no stinking handheld devices, he's been enamored with this foam paint brush for WEEKS. He loves it!
 Random pictures of my campers during the week kept us in the loop. I can't wait to hear their stories. 

 Jude woke up with a fever yesterday. :/ No good. 
 He skipped out on groceries with us in lieu of a nap with daddy. As I was waiting on the deli, Titus drew a quick pic and said, "Look Mommy! It's Simon the Hoarder!" :) I may have to reconsider what I say in front of this one...
 He pumped the gas, Big kid that he is. And then he noticed the television inside the gas pump. "A TV?! In the gas pump?!" Even he was baffled. Because Heaven knows Americans can't go two seconds without knowing a random sports score. Ugh. And p.s. I'm paying $4 a gallon and you want to tell me with televisions in the gas pumps that big oil execs aren't sitting on gold plated behonkisses?!?!?!??!??! 

 I finally told the boy no. For the first time this week. "No, son, you may not have coffee." I feel a reality adjustment coming with the return of the brothers. :)
It's been a fun week. I'm ready for the big ones to be back, but I'm so glad I got this time with my little ones. 


Corey said...

What a special time for all of you! I've never let my kids go that long away from me..but they haven't really had the opportunity to yet. I'm waiting for my mom to retire then I'm shipping them off! ha! I really like your idea about the jars for the hoarding stuff… OMGosh the hoarding! I have two hoarders. But Jake is the worst LOL!
Can't wait to hear what the boys have to say about their week away from home. :)

Stephanie said...

How fun! I love having special time with one (or two) kiddos at a time. Our boys went to camp for the first time this summer too, and daddy was out of town also. So I had a week with just Sarah. It was great!
T reminds me so much of AJ. They are both adorable, fun and spunky. :)