Saturday, July 05, 2014


A couple at our church has gatherings at their house all the time. This is the first we've attended and we had a blast. They have five acres of stuff to do and the kids didn't stop for a second. 

This guy was all about Mr. Bud's antique car and tractor. 
 This guy and Felix were all about the pool. Felix was swimming his little fins off from 1-4. 
Simon opted out of swimming. Too many little kids taking up the water space I suppose. He was perfectly content to play Apples to Apples with this group. 
 "Oh, she caught me with a pink cupcake!"
 "Is she gonna take it? Knock it to the ground? Just keep smiling..."
 "She's taking pictures..."
 "Perhaps I'm safe to...
 just get a quick lick of the icing?"
 "Steady. Steeeady."
 Lest you think I'm evil, I do let them go nuts every once in a while. Luckily, this "pitch in" was full of homemade goodness and nobody walked away from the gathering ill. :D

Once we got home, Felix asked to go to bed. I warned him that naps were not permitted at six o'clock and that if he opted in, it was for the night. 

Titus's "PFFFFFT" sums that up.
 Two hours later, this little charred head appeared just in time for sparklers. 
 "Who needs sparklers when you have pretzel rods and hummus?"
 "Nomnomnom, hummus is a finger food." 

 "More hummus, please."

 "Unattended hummus? Don't mind if I do."

 Jude trying to grab the essence of the sparkler. I love Sean's, "AHHHT!" face.
 I also love his, "knock-it-off-you-just-hit-me-in-the-side-of-the-head-with-a-pop-it!" face.

 "Daddy, they're too close to my hummus."
 "MY HUMMUS!!!!!"
 I was setting up for some timer shots and caught this one. I would love to post the video that accompanies this, but the blog isn't private enough. Let's just say, there's a reason you must be 18 to buy sparklers and there's a reason renting carries a damage deposit.  

Sean was showing them the burn marks on the side of his new shoe. 
 "So, I'm going to light you on fire." says the older brother.
 "Mm hmm. I have the lighter."
 And then I managed to get the following timer shots. It's historical in that no one was injured and I didn't yell at anyone pictured. Not even a little bit. While half the party is in pajamas and the matching sitchiation is not even being attempted, I kinda love these. 
 Especially Titus's crazy faces and Jude's attention as I dash to and fro the camera. 

 Not loving Simon's crazy eye as he holds the lighter, though...

 Then they found a live cicada, 
 a baby lightning bug(for which Titus has a major soft spot),
 & his parents. 
The End.

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Jude said...

I just played blog catch up. From the big two going camping, to the PL pages, and the hilarious captions/stories that go with the photos... well done. And I read that Langley tidbit... I vote for that. :) I hear ya about the house choices too... it is SO hard. We chose smaller house, more yard, and have never regretted it. Wait, that's not true. Sometimes I regret mumbling, "Pffft... we can totally live with one bathroom." ;)