Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Ten on Thursday

1-I have been a maniac at the sewing machine over the last week and a half. Sneaking away at random moments throughout the day and drinking coffee late so I'll have a reason to stay up and dance the jitterbug while pressing the pedal of creation. This week, I learned how to make a ruffle. I texted my friend, who is an A-MAZING seamstress,

"I just made a skirt with a ruffle. I was all proud of myself for figuring out my machine & amazed by how quickly the skirt was coming together. So excited was I that I attached the ruffle inside out. With a zig-zag stitch. I laughed. Then I cussed. My sewing skills aren't improving much, but I'm becoming one heck of a seam ripper."

Though they aren't fantastically made, I have five new skirts to show for my effort; each one slightly better than the last. Jude has four new pair of shorts and Titus has one. Four skirts are on the counter ready for finishing for gifts. And there is one other fabric laundered and ready to be cut into a romper for Jude.

2-While sewing is definitely the economical way to dress a growing family, when Sean sees how much I spent at Joann's this week, I may not be able to sing that song. At least not in tune or with much conviction. That said, each pair of shorts for J, 1/2 yard of fabric+elastic=<$4. The skirts, maybe...$6 each.

3-We started school on Monday. So far, so good. The boys are doing math on the computer(Teaching Textbooks), as well as Wordly Wise online. It frees up just enough time for me to give Titus one on one attention for math and reading.

4-Jude's school day consists of things such as...<turn down your volume before hitting play>

5-My poor children. Our next house must have a pool, access to a pool, or be on the beach. I vote for the beach, myself...
6-For now, the sprinkler will have to do.
8-Sometimes I think we ought to just do the world a favor and keep having babies. I mean, seriously, look at this handsome devil.
9-Looking at airplanes. :D
10-At my friend's beautiful, beautiful house with beautiful, beautiful settings and backgrounds and photo ops.

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Jude said...

such beautiful photos!! i can't believe you already started school! way to go :)