Thursday, August 07, 2014

@ almost 17 months

This guy doesn't like to sit still for diaper changes. Ever. Under any circumstances. The worse the diaper, the more he wants to get away. I have an arsenal of toys and distractions I give him in an attempt to keep things tidy. He likes this little ruler calculator. Personally, I think it speaks highly of the genius genes he inherited. 
Every once in a while I can get him to hold still by asking, "Wanna go see Charlotte?" or, "Wanna go outside?" That's his favorite word, "Ah-hi?" he asks. He calls downstairs(the lair of spools of thread and the printer-his absolute favorite device of buttons), "Da-hi."
 His favorite distractor is my phone. He likes talking to Siri. 
 He is quick to get to my recent calls list and return phone calls for me.
 And he deletes texts...
 His feet! Oh, his feet. 
My sweet, sweet boy. I sent Sean a video of him doing his shape sorter toy yesterday. Little boy wonder has mastered getting the shapes in, but not out. He gets them in and immediately starts screaming at the top of his lungs to get them out. Sean missed the twenty seconds of baby rage and only commented on the first five seconds of the video: "He's so smart! And cute!" It doesn't surprise me that the man who invented lack of patience doesn't recognize it in his offspring.
Stinkpot Wilson is one of his nicknames. I don't know where it came from and I'm pretty sure we've used that same nickname for the others, too.
 He took this one. :) He thinks it's funny to push buttons and watch the lens try to focus. 
 Finally, I call this his, "Can-I-HELP-you?" face. 
He is so much fun. He's rotten, but so fun. He thinks, "no-no" is his que to run as quickly as possible in the opposite direction. We can no longer have unoccupied chairs near the dining room table as he uses them as a means to get on top of the table to river dance. I have had to put hairbands on all of our cupboards. I refuse to buy child safety locks for cupboards. I've made it four kids without ever child proofing anything. Which was fine until he got ahold of some floor cleaner and sprayed himself right in the face with it. Luckily, it was eco-friendly, pet/child safe, made from figs or some such thing. He smelled awesome. The next day he got himself with bug spray(also child-safe, super-expensive, doesn't work for crap). He didn't like the way that one smelled, but it still didn't deter him. Hence, the hairbands. Now he just tries to open the cupboards far enough to reach between the elasticized openings. He's no dummy.

Don't judge the ugly, mismatched sheets on the guest bed. I only put fancy sheets on when guests are coming. :) Speaking of, if you've got a hankering to visit Dayton, book your tickets! We've only got three months left to entertain here!

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Jude said...

cleaner made from figs... ha!
I am impressed with his phone photography skills!! I wish we could come see you ... :(