Thursday, August 21, 2014

Titus learns to ride.

I so love this little boy. 
 The bike he inherited from his big brother was never quite right for him. 
 Today, we found this one at a consignment store for $25. 
 The big two knew how to ride by four. This kiddo didn't show any interest, until today, when he saw the Spiderman bike. And even then, he was clapping the training wheels together in his hands as he and his dad walked up to the car with his purchase. 
 Sean was so gentle and patient with him. I told Sean, "I'm so proud of you!" just as much as I told Titus. 

 Giving pointers based on Felix's professional riding skillz.

 He was still a bit discouraged after a few rounds...
 Which required some comic relief. 

 I love his laugh. 

 Back at it with a bit more confidence this time...

Photo-bomber Felix.

 His determined grin got me a tad choked up. 
 High fives for Mr. T.
 And then Sean bike jacked him.

 Until the Pit Crew showed up and made threats involving the tire pump.

 Another photobomb. It's his goal in life whenever a camera is present. He knocked Titus over a few days ago amidst a photobomb attempt. Scratched T's knee and knocked the wind out of himself. Still didn't learn. 
 I just love, love, LOVE the next three shots. 

 My heart!
 My smug, determined, little fella. 

 And as I snapped these, I reminded him of the pictures I took in this spot last year of a certain someone in his cast...

 He has now taken full ownership of his new ride. "Who let their kid put stickers all over my new bike?!" he asked. 

He's a bit overconfident at this point, but I assume that'll work itself out. 

Here's a very, very old video of Mr. Simon learning to ride his bike. I am so glad I took those videos! I had ZERO recollection of Simon and Felix's voices at that age. 

And a POST from the day Felix learned to ride a two wheeler. 

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Corey said...

I love seeing kids learn to ride a bike. It is a HUGE accomplishment! Go Titus!
PS no password needed for this. Just proving I'm not a robot by typing what's in the box.