Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Being intentional.

A friend(hi, Stephanie!) left a comment the other day regarding being intentional about documenting these days. Yes. Exactly. I'm trying a bit harder lately, but I've been missing that intentionality. I've let a lot slip from my memory bank about Jude that would've never slipped the documentation here when the other three were his age. They each have books and books of memories pertaining individually to them; he just has a main role in the family book.

In an effort to be intentional, I want to remember that he requires a lollipop in the car. His demands are loud and shrill and he just sticks his paw out and waits for a brother to hand him a lollipop. He doesn't slow play the lollipop, he snaps it and cracks it within seconds. Then the process starts over. I knew this would be a bad trend to start about 10,000 lollipops ago. Sometimes, it's all about survival.

On that note, we went to the dentist today*. For some reason I thought scheduling all three big kids on the same day would work out well. Jude was fine when he thought the waiting room was his domain. After an hour of running around in there, he was given privy info on what was down the hall. A solid hour of saying, "No, Jude. Stay here, Jude. Jude, stop." He kept bolting for the offices and exam rooms, giggling all the way. He's cute, but he's exhausting.

As God would have it, the dentist is from the exact town we were house hunting in(via last night. Houses are so stinking expensive in Williamsburg, our main realm of house seeking. There are so many waterways surrounding Langley that we've been hesitant to look in several areas. We've heard tunnels and bridges bottleneck making the commute terrible. The dentist pointed me in a whole new direction. I have a feeling it's God's provision. I imagine myself sitting on the porch of my dream house saying, "If not for that dentist..."

*I've made it 11 years and 9 months into this parenting gig with nary a kid cavity. Alas, one kid has one cavity. Still not bad as far as I'm concerned.

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