Sunday, September 21, 2014

experiencing Fall: apple picking at Tuken's

We spent $30 on apples and I've since made three huge apple crisps for three separate functions. I do believe apple crisp has overstayed it's welcome already this season. This was our second time back to the orchard(within one week), but the Honeycrisp harvest is late. Chances are, we'll be heading back in a week or two. :D


Corey said...

I just read backwards on your blog about 5 or 6 posts. Oh I love seeing all your pictures and reading about your adventures. You make me almost want to start blogging again. I do miss it.
Simon-oh man is he a good looking kid!
Felix-He all of a sudden is really looking like a big kid. Like more than ever.
Titus-Is it just me? He (in looks anyway) is like a carbon copy of Felix at the same age. I forget that it is NOT Felix I'm looking at.
Jude-he certainly is the baby isn't he? you can see how much his big brothers are just IN LOVE with him. I love the pics of the big boys boosting him up to see. So cute!

Stephanie said...

I love it so much that you blog. I wish I could be so intentional about recording these days with my littles. I love it how baby J seems to really love S. It's cute how he looks up at him with that adoring look on his face. Soo sweet!