Sunday, September 21, 2014

experiencing Fall: Charleston Falls

We missed most of the season last year due to Tito's broken leg. We went on a few hikes, but a 4 year old in a baby carrier with a ginormous cast wasn't easy to lug up and down wooded paths. We're making up for it this year! Sean landed three days off after a TDY that overlapped a weekend. It was unexpected. Otherwise, I would've had much grander plans, but exploring local parks has turned out well...for the most part. 

We went on one hike for which I didn't take my camera along. We entered the park on the West side, but the waterfalls are on the East side. Unfortunately, there's no bridge across the river that runs through the middle of the park. You have to go completely around to the dam. No biggie. On the map it was just a few inches...After six miles of hiking uphill, we found the waterfall! It was more of a trickle than a fall. Just as we started grumbling about the walk back, a lady rolled by us in a wheelchair. Yeah...

 No, he didn't let him go, but only because of the threats of punishment; not at all because he was concerned for his brother's safety.
Jude couldn't see over the rails. :)

As we were leaving this park, Sean noticed a huge clearing in the woods just a ways off the path. I don't know what kind of house we'll end up with eventually, but I know that it MUST come with a good bit of land. Dirt and sticks and trees and these people were in heaven. They had so much fun.

Judelet just ran back and forth across the clearing, swinging sticks and throwing dirt.

 Titus wanted to sword fight. 

 But his sticks kept breaking. 

 Felix ain;t no dummy. He brings LOGS to sword fights. :D

I so love being out and free with this gang. So much so that I may have even broached the subject of a fifth with Sean. If I could live in the middle of nowhere, with woods at my disposal, I'd have a baker's dozen by now. Given that I must travel into grocery stores and gathering places with other humans on a regular basis, four's good.

On this particular trip, the big two had convinced Titus that I'd bought him girl jeans. They're all so skinny, I tend to go for tighter fitting jeans. This backfires from time to time at the consignment store, but I'm positive T's jeans are for boys. Almost positive. Poor kid.

These chuckleheads keep me laughing.

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Stephanie said...

Oh the cuteness!! I love these photos. They are all getting so big. I don't think T's jeans are girl jeans either. AJ would totally wear them. :)