Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Experiencing Fall: Englewood Metropark

Last week, when we walked a bazillion miles in search of a waterfall, we happened upon this little nature play area. It has become quite the destination for these guys. 
There's not much to play on, the focus is more nature centered, but there is this tunnel, 
& slide built into the hill. 
Jude is not a fan of being helped in any way. 

Felix & Simon never miss the opportunity to take each other down. Alpha male and all that...

I insisted he was big enough to go on his own. He'd done it many times on our previous trip.

Apparently corduroy pants are slipperier than jeans. He was fine. 

Shy, just like his dad.

The leaves are a-changin'! I love it so much. I must, must live where Fall happens. The gradual, daily change of the leaves makes me giddy. It's just so fascinating. How awesome is God?!
This is the nature play part. I want it to be my backyard. 

Within minutes, they were all looking like happy little bums. 

This guy was all about the red leaves. He would pick one up and wave it like a flag. 


I told Jude, "Lie down like Titus and look in the water." He figured he'd get himself a comfy spot and save himself the danger of splinters.

All were content and dry. And then he figured out he could get down to the water without my assistance. 
The water was cold. COLD cold, not at all conducive to barefoot water play. 
Of course.

"It's coooooooold!"

I mean, really. Totally worth the mud and carrying on that took place once they're feet were numb. 

And we're going back again today. With rain boots this time!

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