Thursday, September 18, 2014

Jude @ 18 months

It's a pretty big landmark, 18 months. Honestly, I didn't realize he was 18 months old until after I'd tucked him in for the night. It being September 11 and all, it wasn't as much on my radar as other matters, unfortunately.

Let's see, what's special about this month?

He went to SC.
He hates waves.
Loves sand and water, but he is NO fan of the water rushing towards him or touching him in any way.
He loves his daddy. OOOOh, boy, he loves his Dada. This month his "Dada" has been evolving into "Daddyyyyyy."
He does not like teenage girls. He shrieks in the face of any female between the ages of ten and fifty if they try to pick him up or hold him.
He loves his brothers, so so much. He used to rely solely on Simon if I was indisposed in any way. Now he's more reliant on Felix, but only in a pinch. He goes to Felix and Titus for the fun stuff, but he trusts Simon to get the job done if it's a serious matter.

He is only just starting to tolerate very small, few sips of real milk. He'll drink water, but he's still a mama's boy as far as liquid consumption in concerned.
He eats like a hoss. I haven't found anything he refuses, although he's big on asking for bananas and then refusing them after one bite.
Charlotte is his absolute favorite person on the planet.
He hates getting strapped into his carseat.
He loves to go outside. He loves everything about the freedom & space to run.
He likes climbing up and down stairs.
He loves rough housing like a big kid.
He likes sticks and rocks and eating foreign objects off the floor.
He likes to help empty the dishwasher. And then sit on the door of the dishwasher.
He loves his Cozy Coupe.
He loves balls and is just getting into playing with matchbox cars.
He loves birds and bugs and airplanes.
He hates dogs and cats. HATES them.
He waves at everyone. Hello and good-bye, but not unless he initiates. When in public, he's like a welcoming committee.
When he's tired, he starts blowing kisses at everybody. That's his signal to get him to bed and I love it.

The one phase I'm ready to be done with is his shrieking.
He screams bloody murder with no warning, for no apparent reason and nothing can make him stop. His shrieks are so loud and shrill they make your teeth hurt. The other day we had the windows down in the car. There was a man doing yard work probably...100 yards away. As Jude let loose a shriek, the man, whose back had been to us, stood up from his planting and started turning in circles trying to figure out what on earth was making such a noise. Yep, it's that bad.
It would be flipping' hilarious if it wasn't my kid. Scratch that, it's pretty flipping' hilarious anyway. 

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Stephanie said...

Oh my gosh- the shrieking! That is hilarious! I laughed so loud my dogs looked at me like I was crazy. :)