Friday, September 26, 2014


That was my name for much of my childhood. Just like all of my boys are, "Si..Fe...UGH! TITUS!"

or, "Jude. Jude. JUDE! Oh...I mean, Felix." 
or, "Ti, no, Simon. No, I was right the first time, Titus."
or, collectively, "BOYS!"

I got to see quite a bit of my brother and sister this trip. We haven't been all together in years. We had so many great conversations and heart talks. I can't wait to be within a few hours of both of them again soon!! My brother & Sean, Navy & Air Force, getting stationed in the same town at the same time? That feels an awful lot like a God thing. The timing of it all is pretty crazy. 

I started this post to remember one really great moment I had with these two. There's this situation that has required much, much prayer and my sister said, "I know we've all been praying separately, but maybe we should set a time to pray together, just the three of us."

"Let's do it. Right now."

And then we did. Something simple, but so amazing. We just sat there at my sister's kitchen table with a thousand kids passing through. We held hands and collectively offered up a prayer for guidance and resolution and answers and clarity and praise for the Hope on which we all stand. 

I think that was the greatest part, after the Amen. None of us are particularly touchy feely or overly emotional. None of us are super comfy with showy displays. We don't do each others hair and talk about how we feel. But to know, without a shadow of a doubt, that my big sister and my big brother are on the exact same page as I am on something as HUGE as...God. I am so, so thankful. That God picked us. All of us. I'm thankful He put me with this family to go through life with. I'm thankful for our parents and our upbringing and the legacy that we have as a family unit. 

When they grow up, I hope my boys love their siblings as much as I love mine. 

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