Thursday, October 02, 2014

a September recap

All of my favorite iPhone captures from September, most are unedited. 

We began with the second half of our SC trip. My cousin, my second cousin, and my third cousin were all there from MI. 
 We went to the beach a lot. 
 He stole my sunglasses a lot. 
 My niece took a bunch of selfies on my phone. Apparently, that's her thang and I love that I have a whole collection of her pretty face on my phone. :D

We frequented Clay Pot quite a bit. They have good coffee and organic food and a chess table. 
 Jude started a fake smile phase that only lasted a week or so.

 This guy turned NINE. He was such an adorable baby. Check out that cell phone. Eight year old technology. I wonder what cell phones will look like in eight more years. 
My Feefs.  

 He finally cozied up to Grandma after being there for a week. 
My brother made an amazing Tikka Masala. 

We ate at some incredibly expensive burger joint that makes some pretty awesome fries covered in homemade pimento cheese. I'm pretty sure that's a southern thing because just typing about pimento cheese is kinda gross. 
 Amidst all the photo taking I left my stroller there and didn't realize it until I got all the way home to Ohio. Awesome. 

 This one was in the midst of math homework. He said, "Math is stupid." I agreed.
 Then we headed home...
 This guy hit the eighteen month mark. We stopped at a little grocery store on the way home and I thought it would be a good idea to let him push this cart. It wasn't. 

Sean left us for a few days. 
 We volunteered to clean the church nurseries. I thought it would be a good idea. It wasn't. 
Four and a half hours later...
 Five and a half hours later...
 I will never volunteer for anything ever again. Not if it involves me and bleach and only the help of four very eager(but only for an hour-Simon actually helped the entire time) children. 
Jude picked his first mom-boquet. 
 This guy gave himself a can foot. I can remember doing that as a kid. 
 I treated my church cleaning helpers to Steak N Shake because they deserved it as they've never deserved anything ever before. 

 The waitress took a picture of us all together and got herself a $10 tip on a $17 bill. 
I sent this guy in after coffee. It's right in the front of the store and I parked close so I could run over any potential kidnappers. I force myself to remember that he's almost 12 and fully capable of doing things like this, but then I read about some freak hurting a kid or some mother being arrested for letting her fully capable child doing something they're fully capable of doing. He was in there about five minutes longer than I'd anticipated and I almost went in after him. He came trotting up with my coffee, rolling his eyes. "Some woman wouldn't make up her mind! She was all, 'I want something cold. I don't want anything too strong....'" He said he was about to say, "Excuse me! Can I order since you don't know what you want?!" Such a man already!
 Then we went for donuts to bring to our friends house. 
 Jude's new trick. It's not awesome. 

 We visited the apple orchard
 where we discovered Jude is absolutely terrified of potbellied pigs.
 Even if they're 30 yards away and surrounded by a fence.

 Then we went bad to our friend's house and I made a pretty foolish yard sale decision. I thought it would be a fun way to display pictures as there are eight little ledges. I thought Sean would see the creative brilliance. He didn't.
 Jude doesn't do particularly well in the nursery. He screams for a bit, clings for a bit, and sometimes falls asleep for a bit. 
Simon cleaned and organized the garage. 
Jude starts every morning like this. Hugs all around. 

 Waiting on Sean at the airport...

 We got all dressed up for a pirate party. Sean went as a Somali pirate. His costume was hilarious, but we got in a big fight, he said he wasn't going, I drove him all the way home, he changed in to normal clothes, I chilled out and came back for him, but he refused to get dressed up again. It was probably for the best as he absolutely looked like a terrorist.

We went to a church potluck. It was just our Sunday school class. It was the first church function we came to last year. It was fun seeing how relationships have bloomed and kids have grown. It was also fun NOT being the new people.

Our pastor, pulling a wagon full of kids. 

The little guy in blue was three months old and Jude was five last year when we came to this same potluck. His mom and I met while nursing these two on the couch. Now there's a whole new crop of tiny babies that will be running around next year. I wonder how the group will grow and change and I hate that we won't be here to see it.

I cut a pool noodle in half and let the big kids..."joust." Like everything else in life, they took it one eighteen steps too far and it turned into an all out brawl.

"Mom! We saw an old lady taking a selfie at the store the other day. I'll never take a selfie!"-Felix. 
And then I forced him to take a selfie.
We went to a giant car show in Tipp City with our friends. 
It was insanely packed, but everything my boys have ever dreamed of. 

I took these two out for errands. The errands ran long and we ended up back at Steak N Shake. 
This guy caught up on his reading.
I bought a pair of AWESOME boots with some birthday money just in time for a cold front. YAY!
Jude declared, "Mondays stink."
And then slept Monday away.
That's about it. Our September as captured in random snapshots. 
I am so so so so so excited about October. 

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