Friday, October 24, 2014

I need a mentor.

More leafy pictures.

These two have been getting along splendidly lately. Defending one another, building one another up, treating each other the way I want them to treat each other. If I could only make it so all four of them were getting along like this all the time, I'd be set. They'd be set. We'd all be set!

Unfortunately, their tie that binds is picking on Felix. 

Just a lil sampling of what I mean...Felix raked several piles of leaves for his own enjoyment. 

Two brothers decided to sabotage his piles. He didn't know which problem to tackle first. 
I got Simon to knock it off, but Titus was a bit harder to persuade.

I love that Simon stays perfectly chill amidst all the rake swinging. 

Somedays, they get along great. Most days, they pair up and the pairs change with no notice. There are days none of them get along and I play referee. I wonder often how things will turn out. Will they get along as adults? Will their wives be friends? Will they have cookouts and go bowling and take family vacations together? When should I intervene, when should I back off and let them handle it? How badly am I completely botching this motherhood thing? Sometimes it's hard to focus on the big picture. I get lost in the boyhood and can't focus on the men I want them to be.

I need a mentor. Someone who has raised four boys successfully and lived to tell about it.

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