Sunday, October 26, 2014

More for their wedding video(s)...

I found a folder I forgot to post last month...

 Simon had the idea that they should pair up and slide, y'know, for me. For the sake of my photographic happiness. It's not often they come up with picture ideas on their own. Boy thinks I was born yesterday. ;)

 Mama ain't no dummy, boys. 
 A Felix face,
 begat an Emmy face. 
 Look at that little poser in green. I love it!!! She's a natural. 
 Finally, a real smile out of Felix. 
 Then it was back to the faces. 

 My goodness, these four...
 And one I'd be okay sharing grandkids with one day, far, far, far into the future. 

I'm gonna miss this bunch. 

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