Friday, October 17, 2014


I don't give much direction when taking pictures of my favorite subjects. Well, not if you don't count, "KNOCK IT OFF!!!" I should amend that to say, I give some direction. Felix is big on trying to blink. He thinks it's a riot for me to find 80 pictures of him with his eyes closed. If I catch him at that game, he'll try to slip in funny faces that are juuuuuust normal enough that I won't notice until editing. 

Titus, though, he's a gem. For now. I've noticed him noticing Felix and I'm certain something will crop up soon.

On our way home from camping, we stopped for some JCrew outlet shopping. We almost didn't stop because half of us were still in sweats,'s Ohio. Stop we did and pay dirt we hit. The perfectly made up Ruth(seriously, she looked like royalty and here I was smelling smokey in camping clothes) of JCrew Outlet gave me a grin of acceptance and, "If you spend $100 today, we'll give you an extra 20% off your total." 

I hit the clearance rack that was already an additional 40% off. I got JCrew shirts for less than $2! Even Sean was like, "Get every size! Get anything anyone can possibly wear EVER."

All that to say, I love Tito's new shirt. I love it even more knowing it only cost $2. 

 To get him to walk amongst the leaves, I asked, "Would you walk along the side of the garage for me?"
 Totally natural. :D
 And now he has decided his "creep" is the greatest pose of all time. 

 To break the creep streak, I said, "Alright, now just act natural." 
Boy is smooth.

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