Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Jude very clearly said, "Titus." Up until now, it's been "Ice" or "Eye-ssss." He also refers to anyone and everyone as "That," as in, "Jude! Who's that?!" He has also taken to saying "Yeah," in reply to every question and it comes out in the exact same tone as his friend Charlotte. I kinda hope he never loses that little bit of mimicry. Also this morning, he said, "Cheese, please," and gave a robust, "Anks. Anks. ANK Oooo." He then proceeded to demand his favorite word, vehemently, while teetering on the third step, yanking on the door handle: "Out. Si." He does not care one bit about the fact that it's been raining for two solid days.

Yesterday, he managed to escape while the big two were taking out the trash. I sent one back in for my camera and we all had some fun. That said, this took place ten minutes before I had to leave. Sean wasn't thrilled when I brought Jude inside with a, "Were you planning on giving him a bath tonight...?"

 I also took this inopportune time to rake some leaves. Titus was the only one that would get in the wet pile for me. You can see he was bargaining with me, too. "How 'bout just ooooone picture?"
 Jude wouldn't get in the leaves. 
 Apparently they were too wet. 
Any advice on how to dry the inside of shoes would be much appreciated. I tried a hair dryer and killed it and being new shoes and all, I don't want to stick them in the dryer lest they fall apart.  

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