Tuesday, November 18, 2014


 He absolutely hated every second of it. This kid loves to be outside. I'm able to calm him down, get him dressed, make him agreeable to anything simply by asking, "Hey, Jude! Wanna go outside?!" "Yeah," he says. 100% of the time. 
 Today, upon seeing the snow still on the ground, he didn't even wait for me to ask; he just shook his head no. Over and over. 

 The giant gust of blowing snow didn't help...

 Titus woke up crying, "I haaaaaate snow." Luckily, his opinion has changed since last year and he actually had a ton of fun playing in it. That said, he didn't ask to go out in it again today. It was -6 at one point, so I don't blame him. I think it only got up to something crazy like 9 degrees. 

 I'll miss this big, old, beautiful house!
 There are giant mounds of leaves all up and down the road. The trash company usually comes and sucks them all up.
 He was saying, "Ewwwww" Ernest style while mentioning yellow snow. I turned around to see his brother eating snow...

So that was fun. I'm ready for Spring!

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