Monday, December 08, 2014


 And that's where the decent pictures end. We were so incredibly late to the ceremony*. It was so freaking hot in the building. Kids were everywhere. The lighting was not conducive to photography. Even the "official" pictures are going to be crap. The photographer was an instructor's husband with an old point and shoot. I regret the picture portion of graduation, but it's indicative of where every single one of us is emotionally, physically, militarily. We. Are. Done. 

I didn't get a decent family shot. I didn't get a picture of Sean with his family. I didn't take a picture of Sean with my aunt and uncle or our friends that came to the ceremony. I took a few of him with my brother, but even they were super blurry and out of focus. 
 My friend grabbed my camera as we went forward for our family appreciation certificates** not knowing I have my camera set to back button focusing. I have since removed that custom feature as I've been missing more shots than catching these days. 

*Sean was in charge of designing awards for ten CRNAs and Anesthesiologists; one each from the five hospitals where they worked. He designed the awards and had them custom made at the hobby shop on base. It took four in person trips by him, plus one from me and they still were not completed until the fifth trip when Sean stood over a specific person and watched him complete the stinking projects. On top of the awards, Sean ordered the food for the event. As luck would have it, the oldest person on the planet was working at the boutique grocery store where the party platters were ordered. Upon pick up, said geriatric brought out the platters one at a time successfully making Sean twenty minutes late to his own graduation. He says twenty, reality says more like thirty to forty. Add in rain, a Friday afternoon at 5 p.m. and a construction zone and you have yourself 60 people in a hot, crowded room waiting on one person. 

He got an enthusiastic round of applause as he entered the building, but it was more because people were ready to get the ceremony over with than anything else. 

Lessons learned: have the juniors take care of the food. HELLO!! Don't task a graduate with anything on graduation day other than graduating! 

My nerves were so shot, I didn't even care about pictures by the time the ceremony started. I also didn't care about the emotions I thought would bubble over and didn't shed a single tear. Not even when we received our...

**Family appreciation certificates. There is so much I want to say about these little certificates, but to those who appreciate my sarcasm, I've already said it. 

Sean should be taking his boards next week and then it's REALLY over. I got him a lovely, leather man bag and had his name put on it at the hobby shop. He likes it. I also made him a shutter fly book of his journey through school. He got choked up over it. Later that night when I was putting Jude to bed, my brother said to him, "I know she's my sister, but you got yourself a good woman." :) 

On that note, I got myself a good brother. Joker drove all the way from Virginia to give the invocation  at Sean's ceremony. His parents, sister, and nephew came from TN. My aunt and uncle came from MI. A local clan also came. He was a very celebrated man. I only wish I'd taken more pictures. 
Maybe at his next graduation. HA!

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