Sunday, December 14, 2014

Officially official.

Yesterday was the big day. The culmination of it all; boards. Sean killed every one of the practice tests, I didn't have a doubt in my mind. Well, I didn't until I realized how nervous he was. He doesn't get nervous. About anything! I've seen him a little stressed, but never nervous. He meets me at the coffee pot talking about, "I threw up this morning." 

This was the picture I waited for all morning/the last two and a half years. 
 I was so antsy I had to do something, so I jumped in the shower. Simon yelled to me from the dining room, "Dad passed!" 

"Wait, what?! How do you know? I can't hear you! SIMON!" 

We mumbled some more through closed doors and the shower running, but I gathered it was good results. I quickly had the kids make up some signs. Titus, the non-conformist, couldn't just write "Congrats." This is so much better, really. 
Felix spelled "Congratulations" with a D. 
Simon spent a lot of time working on his card. He looked up the hospital on base and printed out a picture of it to attach on the inside of his card. Overachiever. 
 On the eve of this whole gig. Looking rough. It was an afterthought and half of us were in jammies. 
THE. END. Sean's got a different kid on his hip and my little boys became big boys. Thank YOU, JESUS. It is over! 
Now that that stress is gone, we just have moving to tackle. Tomorrow, the strangers with boxes move in. Tuesday, they load it all up on a truck and we clean the house. Wednesday we do a final walk-through with our homeowners and have one last hurrah with friends. Thursday (Simon's 12th!!!!!) Sean does his final out  and we hit the road. Crazy times. Life is fun. Stressful, chaotic, and fun.

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