Thursday, December 11, 2014

This one & That one.

This one found his pockets, 

 because that one helped. 
 Which is awesome as he refuses to wear gloves. 
 This one lost his coat, so we bought him a new one. 
 That one sustained a head injury while we were shopping. Stinking empty sock bar was sticking out and he ducked behind the rack to dodge a brother and it gouged his bean. 
 This one will stop a tantrum in a fraction of a second for a "bop. BOP! MOM! BO-O-OP!"
 I'm pretty sure his teeth are going to rot straight out of his head, because
 That one, that one, and that one offer him "bops" constantly. 
 This one and that one had a discussion about how they should stand for pictures. 
 It's so funny to watch birth order at play. The monkey listens and rarely bites the hand that feeds him "bops."

 This one has the tiniest, little lip dimple. 
 This one is obsessed(!!!!) with coloring all of the sudden. All day long he colors. He got a hand me down DSi a few months ago. Sean took the advice of GameStop man and bought him a Pokemon game. We're a few years late to that fad, but I offered to look up Pokemon coloring pages online. I printed one and a beast was born. He now has an entire binder full of coloring pages. I've looked all over God's green earth for a Pokemon coloring book so I don't have to keep printing them off. I found a Japanese coloring book online, but told him I wasn't paying $6 for a coloring book that's not even written in English. Would you believe it showed up in our mailbox two days later? I never put it in my cart, didn't even add it to my wish list. There is no receipt in my amazon acct or my bank acct. Totally bizarre. 

Anyways, he has crayons and markers and colored pencils and coloring pages all over the place.
Which explains this one's blemish. If he's quiet for more than three seconds, he's found a writing utensil and will use it on any surface except paper. I managed to wrench the purple marker from his grip just in time, but he had the lid and intended to use it. He stuck his grimy little digit in the lid and came up with just enough purple to last two solid days on his cheek. Washable markers my...ha. 
 This one is still all about animal noises. His face when he's barking: 
 That one still does his shifty eyes, but not as often as he once did. 
 This little monkey has phased out of the innocent, cute, gets-away-with-everything age. The brothers are equal parts aggravated and smitten with him, but it's a fine line that he oversteps every day. 
 There are days I can't wait til he's five. 

 This one is going to have an emotional meltdown when we move. I can feel it coming. 

This one, that one, and the others indulged my camera in some of my favorite places around our house. I'm glad I have these. I can't wait to find all the hidden corners to take pictures at our new house, but for now...I'm glad I have these. 

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