Friday, January 09, 2015

Lately, we...

We went to an ugly sweater party and said good-bye to our church family. I just gotta say, now that I know what the Church is supposed to be and exactly how it's supposed to function, I won't settle. I miss these people already and I'm so sad for the friendships and relationships and could've beens. 
We packed. The greatest woman in the history of womanhood watched allfourofmychildrentheentireday. 

Felix dressed in all clean clothes, even socks, and brushed his hair and teeth without being asked or threatened. That's big. That's real big.
 We were able to oversee and help out and chat it up with Gary. When I got home from dropping off the kidlets, he was listening to the same sermon I'd been listening to in the car. When it was over, I turned down the radio and asked him to tell me his story. It was such a great way to spend a move. He made something as lame as packing boxes a true joy. 
 We stayed in TLF on WPAFB where Sean relocated my brand new hair dryer and it got left behind. He complained about the fact that I left it resting in the sink. It wasn't plugged in, geez. And now look who's out $40 for a new hairdryer. :)

Loading day was met with much enthusiasm. Enthusiasm by Jude, not by anyone else. 
 We decided to end our time in Dayton with an exclamation mark. AFTER our final walk through with our homeowner, we went for Steak & Shake + Scene 75 for the big kids and dads; cupcakes and coffee for the moms and two little kids. 

 And a 12 person selfie to round out the night. I'm so glad we chose to say our goodbyes in a public place. I don't think my ticker could've taken it any other way. 

We drove and puked(see previous post) and celebrated graduations and birthdays, we fell headlong into Christmas prep. With a few coffee outings sprinkled in, of course. 

 (All of my Christmas pictures are on my big camera.)
We decided to hit the road early and get to our new house. 

 But first, coffee. 
We were chauffeured by this hottie right to the Jamestown ferry.

We spent much, much monies at Target for necessities(WHY are air mattresses so expensive?!? They're glorified pool floats!), & made our way home. 
 We met a neighbor within 24 hours and saw dozens of waterfowl. Within 48, we saw our (yes, I've claimed them. I haven't chosen names for them yet, but soon. Once we get to know them better) pair of bald eagles. Apparently they nest somewhere near our house. 

 We decided to carry on the previous owner's measuring. They marked up the side of the pantry door, so we're going for the innards of the pantry. 

We let the kids' write their own name. I thought it would be fun to see how their writing changes as they grow. 
We painted the entire first floor except for the powder room. I had no idea I'd married such a picky Picasso. 
 We thought perhaps the eggplant colored wall could stay. In the end, no. Eggplant does not compliment anything. It doesn't belong on walls or clothes or shoes or cars. It doesn't belong anywhere...except on eggplant.
 As the movers started slowing down on move in day, we kept saying, "Just put it in the garage." 
We've had much fun cooking and baking in my new kitchen. After the galley kitchen in Dayton, I find myself giddy with space. 
 Another color that doesn't belong on walls? Hunter Green. 

 We've been to Lowe's every single day since we moved here. Luckily, it's <5 miles from our house. It was exciting the first day or two, now I just glaze over and wonder how any woman could ever find joy in such a place. I mean, really. 
We were all still in our pajamas at an embarrassing hour when another neighbor came by. They were the sweetest! I finally returned their sweets bucket with some sweets of my own. We sat and chatted for over an hour. I'm in love. They remind me SO MUCH of our neighbors in Texas. Surrogate grandparents, for sure. Pat and Pete. He knows how to do stained glass and said he'll teach us. They only live here six months out of the year, so I've got plans...

 We've enjoyed settling in, slow going as it seems.

 We've enjoyed hanging out with my brother. He's helped paint and helped fix a plumbing issue. He's joined us for dinner and we've had a time of reconnecting that's been awesome. 

 We've eaten every meal together. Three times a day at the dining room table, all six of us for I don't even know how many days now. It's been good. 

 We've run laps and laps through the house and up and down the stairs. 
We've made awesome discoveries while unpacking.
 We've realized our kids mimic our "Lowe's face." Ok, it's my Lowe's face. I'm pretty sure Sean actually likes Lowes. And I'm mostly joking. I do kinda like Lowes. I mean, I'd rather spend hundreds of dollars on camera equipment or boots or frames or furniture. Instead, we get lightbulbs and plumbing fixtures and wall brackets and lumber and saws. 

 We've spent a good bit of time staring out this window. The eagles seems to fly around dusk, so I try to stay alert as the sun goes down. 
 We've found lots of studs...
 We've hung shelves.
 We've hung pictures. 
 We've made a list of continuing DIY projects. That coffee table was a freebie from our neighbor in OH. It has beautiful scrollwork on the sides, but the stain is blah. 
 We've met at the view time and time again. I really don't think it'll ever get old. 
 We haven't decided how we want to use this space: breakfast nook or gathering place? It doesn't make any sense to have a breakfast bar, breakfast nook, and dining room all in the same area. The previous owner had two love seats and a coffee table here and it looked like a little coffee shop. I want that, but I don't want kids thinking they can eat(climb or jump or wrestle or wipe their faces) on my sofas...
 We've learned that not all projects are successful, but when they are: holla!! Sean made me a 7 foot desk/crafting table. We bought some giant shutters at a church sale in MD. They never served a purpose. I was going to Craigslist them a thousand times and just never did. Sean bought a piece of birch, screwed it to the top of the shutter, stained it, added legs and now I have an awesome table.
 We're starting to think this room will be the one that never gets done. It's a giant bonus room over the garage. It functions as a family room and (will function as a) school room. Sean has installed shelves, and is building another table for a pretty school desk. 
 We are still swimming in a sea small pond of cardboard, but the end is in sight. I may do a whole house post once it's finished, or...if you want to know what our abode looks like, ya may just have to come visit. :)


Christine Holzberger said...

I love your house!!! I love your view!!! I'm so thrilled for you guys to have room to roam, and what a respite from the pressing closeness of the city!

Corey said...

This is so amazing. I feel so full of joy for you guys. In the few years I've known you, I've been able to watch you go through many places and stages both physically and emotionally. To see you grow in numbers and grow in Spirit. And here you are again at another turning point. Another new beginning. I'm so excited to see what comes next for the Amports. :) I wish you many many happy years and great blessings in your new home!
PS…where is the nearest airport??…I NEED to book my ticket! This place seems so completely incredible!

Jude said...

I LOVE the house, it looks SO big and that view... swoon. I'd make that the reading room... comfy chairs, book shelf,a table for cards or games. A, sigh, look at this view with no electronics space. :)
Can't wait to come visit :)