Tuesday, January 27, 2015

--Sean said tonight, "Everybody here is so friendly." Um, no. I had a woman be so unfriendly, I thought surely she must hate North Face. Or redheads. Or women? Maybe all humans. The kicker, we were talking about THE SAME WOMAN. It hurts, y'know. I(emphasis added) am the friendly one. I(emphasis added) am the one that thrives on meaningless small talk. I(emphasis added) am the one concerned with making relationships with every store clerk in this county.

--It might have something to do with my voice. Sean called on his way home and thought he'd gotten the wrong number. He said, and I quote, "I thought I'd gotten a trailer park wench." I have a touch of bronchitis; his cracking me up does not help.

--He is altogether charming. Even when he's being an ass, it's hard to not love the guy. Yesterday, he worked all day, came home and made dinner(I was dying, due to the aforementioned bronchitis/death hack). I was already singing his praises when he then decided to take over bedtime duty. He does this thing where he chases Jude around the crib with a stuffed pig, snorting. Jude cackles hysterically and then promptly drifts off. I've tried the same move and Jude stares at me like the woman who hates North Face.

--We have officially lived here a month. It hasn't gotten old yet. We still have a few boxes scattered about. We haven't found a church. And we still have no friends. I tear up almost daily. ;) No, really...

--We are going car shopping soon. It's been a long, long time since we've done that. It's been quite some time since we've had a car payment, too. I'm looking forward to none of the above.

--I've noticed a recent trend on social media. Maybe it's always been and I'm late to the game. Pictures of women fawning over their husbands and then pontificating about how righteous they are because they love their husbands. I just have to say, not everyone is the next THING. You want to be a good wife? Love your husband! We don't need to know that your kid "caught you getting handsy in the pantry and just happened to take a photo of mommy and daddy, hee hee." I don't buy it. Kids might think it's cute to see ma and pa embrace, but not cute enough to grab a phone and take a picture so mom will have it available for her Twitter account. I have those pictures. But they're staged and my kids had to be bribed to take them. Not everyone will get 10,000 followers and be the next what the crap is that lady's name, Church Lady, makes big bucks selling Jesus? Can't think of it, but fill in the blank with any big name with bad hair. What's wrong with being normal? Don't seek out fulfillment from strangers on Facebook, just LOVE YOUR HUSBAND. Why should anybody else care? Want people to notice you? Do your thing and let people notice. Don't force them to notice by posting about how awesome you are on every outlet, every day. It used to be moms using their kids as pawns for more likes; now people are using their husbands. Hey, if your hubby is kickin' it on Instagram & Facebooking with the rest of 'em, go for it. If he finds online validation flattering and it builds him up as a man, awesome. After typing all of that, I've probably done it myself or could have something perceived as such. Just a pet peeve of mine. Would it help if I mention I cuss at my husband from time to time? I love him, but then there's reality...sometimes cuss words are necessary. I'll shut up now and probably come back to delete this eventually. Feel free to cast stones at me for my lack of _______ or too much ______. This wasn't aimed at anyone I know, btw. It was a random picture on Instagram that got me calling, "BS!"

--I'm a guilt tipper. I love going above and beyond when someone is awesome. I tip well even for mediocrity. I tip the minimum when I feel like someone is supposed to be tipped even if they suck at their job. We had two delivery guys set up our washer and dryer. It was a free delivery and the W/D already cost a fortune. Sean got everything rearranged to make the set up easier for the delivery men. Still, I insisted we tip. So we bummed cash off Simon because we never have any and off they went with a nice tip in their pocket. The first dryer run, the laundry room turns into a sauna. Sean had to pull the whole thing out and figure out what was up because it all looked right. Delivery men had only set the hose in the holes, not actually attached them. It looked right, but they knew it wasn't right. It took all of two extra minutes to cinch down the clamps. I thought I'd receive vindication with the phone survey that called after the fact. It was automated and my "3-just okay," got a, "We're glad you had a great experience with our delivery team!" Huh? Next time we have the tip/don't tip debate, Sean may win.

--He's a turkey.
--So are his big brothers. 

--I'm grasping at straws to post anything these days. Ten on Tuesday is about all I can muster...


Jude said...

cuss at my husband... never! we are all about being totes adorbs. he's such a hottie. (that's my pet peeve. all the jackholes yapping about leggings, but they and their modesty police husbands call each other "hottie alert" "my smokin' hot woman." etc. GAG.)
I had a dryer man do something similar... after he tried to put the dryer in sideways. SIDEWAYS?!?!

Hang in there, everyone with an ounce of sense will love to pal around your north face wearing red headed self soon.

Corey said...

This made me laugh. A lot. I love when you write these types of posts. maybe it is a redheaded thing? I'm always being accused of being b*tchy. Or people are just bitchy to me. But Pete is forever charming. People always love him even when he's being an ass.