Thursday, January 08, 2015

Simon: twelve

We left Ohio on Simon's birthday. He got to spend the night before with his best friends at a giant arcade, so he was still high on happiness. Looking forward to picking our restaurant and hotel and eventually getting to Grandma and Grandpa's, nothing was killing the mood. 
 12 at 12:00 p.m.
 I asked Felix to take a picture of the birthday boy and it led to this. 
"Let's splurge on a hotel, y'know, for Simon's birthday. It'll be great," I suggested. Sean took the bait and we ended up at Aloft in downtown Asheville. I booked it while we were on the road. Our family exceeds their threshold for occupants, so we had to splurge on two rooms, not just one. Once we got the big three settled in their room, we decided to test their merit. 

Sean pranked my sweet boys. 

"This is Such&such in the lobby, just calling to make sure your room is satisfactory."-Sean, using a horrible fake voice.
"Oh yeah, it's fine."-Simon, sounding so mature.
"Did you find the cookies?"-Sean
Sean continued to make small talk and then said, "Let me speak to your father."
"Uh, he's next door."-Simon
"What? You're in a room unattended? Who told you you could do that? I'm going to have to notify the authorities..."

Simon held his ground, but Sean freaked him out. He took it a giant leap too far, but it was hilarious in the end and Simon rolled with it. 

After all the fun and games, all the restaurants that deliver were closed. We opted for the hotel bar. While Sean was getting our food, I started to feel a tad queasy. Within the hour I was barfing my brains out. Every two hours after that, another one of us fell ill. Five people, puking up the nicest hotel we've ever stayed in. Luckily, it was a quick virus. Instead of hitting the road early, we lazed about until quarter to check out. 
 It was probably a God's grace type virus as this particular hotel adopts puppies out of their lobby. Because every traveler needs a puppy! Mr. No Dogs was even caving. He brought me pictures of the puppy with my last round of ginger ale. Conlan was awful cute, even if his name was dumb. 
We dragged into Grandma and Grandpa's exhausted and looking like death. We weren't vomiting at that point, but we were not well. 

By the next day, we were 90%. My sweet sister had planned a surprise party for Sean/birthday party for Simon. I've never seen such a large crowd wash their hands so frequently! 
 Uncle Mike suggested Simon not blow out the candles with his virus breath, just in case we were still contagious. 

 So he made a wish from afar and the rest of the candles got a paper plate wind gust. 
 Just like that, another birthday has passed. 
 And even though he didn't blow contagious spit on the birthday cake, all partiers except for four were sick within 24 hours.
I'm sorry, family!

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Jude said...

Oh my goodness.
That last line, "I'm sorry, family!"... I chuckled, I admit it.
I hate you all were so sick, but glad it was a quick one!