Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The eagle has landed.

I saw his shadow this morning. Whenever a big shadow flies by, we all stop to look. I'm pretty sure I stepped on a kid or two as I bolted for the window. Sure enough, it was the eagle and he had landed! Across the pond, but he was being still. We grabbed the binoculars and all managed to get in several looks. We grabbed the camera, which really didn't do much in the way of actually capturing him. 

See him?? No?
Now? Squint. 
 That fool sat on his branch for over thirty minutes. We were all cross eyed from the binoculars. Still...I wanted a picture of him flying by. I was certain he would give me a slow, dramatic flight so I could get my picture. As he'd been still for a while, I felt okay accepting a phone call from Simon's guitar teacher. He was canceling lessons due to slick roads. He chose the exact moment the eagle took flight to say, "Oh, I've been meaning to tell you what a joy Simon is."

"DOH!!<click, click> almost drop the camera, trip over a kid, flap my elbows at the kids, point with my eyebrows<click,click,click>Uh huh. Yeah, thanks. Simon is a great<clickclickclickclickclick> kid..."

I don't even remember how I ended the conversation. He probably thinks I'm a total flake. 
 I'm sure he's in this picture somewhere, I just can't find him. 
At dinner tonight, while recounting the whole story to Sean, Felix pipes up with, "The eagle flies by every morning. He sits on our side of the lake right in our back yard." Nice of him to share that little tidbit of info. I told him to grab my camera next time. I think he's been seeing a crow(They grow 'em big around here. Saw one attack a squirrel today.), but he swears it's the eagle. We'll see! 

The few times I've seen the eagle, it's been in the evening. I can't wait until Spring so we can clear some of that brush out of the way!


Brown English Muffin said...

You saw a crow attack a squirrel??? Yikes now that's the picture I want to see!

Jude said...

so cool!!!