Tuesday, March 17, 2015

78 degrees

Why is there no degree mark on the keyboard? I know I'm not the only person who has ever wondered. With emoticons and all the rest, you'd think someone would've pushed forth a degree symbol. Is it in existence and I'm oblivious to it?

With the beautiful weather, we've been spending much time outside.
 Bath requiring time. His hair has been curling in the humidity, so I coaxed some curls in after his bath last night. Only one was in existence by this morning. 
 Today we enjoyed the weather to it's fullest. We started the day off with hugs and kisses.
 Ate a few cookies, apparently. I don't remember getting any cookies out of the pantry, but I found this on my phone. 
 We were outside by 10. 
Jude saw the neighbor on his tractor and stood waving like this for ten minutes, hoping Pete would offer him a ride. 
 Shirtless by 10:15. He was anyway. The neighbors were out, so I opted to keep mine on. ;)
 Titus finally had enough of my instruction and decided he was good to go on his own. He's been good to go, just needed the confidence. 
 Which he found somewhere close to the surface. 

 When Sean woke up(on call last night), we headed for the park. One obnoxious woman kept screaming at her grandkid, so I suggested the beach. 
 They searched for shark teeth. 
 Dug out a "super awesome coin" from the pier that turned out to be a Canadian penny. 
 This guy, who has never worn a hat for more than a minute kept yelling, "COLD! HAT!" every time a breeze kicked up. 

 After that, we stopped by the grocery store where we bumped into a friend. She offered to take the kids while we shopped. O-o I only needed a few things, so my bigs got to play with her kiddos. They found a snake and watched two of her older kids make a blow torch out of a hollowed out log and a leaf blower. We talked and talked and talked and she mentioned keeping the big three so we could go retrieve our motorhome. Who's crazy like that? The kids haven't stopped asking when they get to stay there. I don't blame 'em. This family has every outdoor vehicle knows to man. Boats, bikes, motorized things, the most amazing playground ever...Shoot, I may let Sean go get the RV alone and stay there myself!
I mentioned a desire to not get any jigglier than my current state of jiggle and Sean talked me into taking a jog with him. I did it, but I didn't enjoy it. I honestly do not understand how people run for fun. Fear for their life? Yes, run. Other than that, I can't think of a single good reason. Sean wouldn't stop talking and making me laugh and then goading me into running faster or farther. I think I may have cussed at him once or twice, maybe gave a rude hand gesture when I got a cramp.

By the time we made it home(alive, for the most part), I realized I kinda did have fun. I think I could make it a thing. I tried to dissuade further torture by telling him I'd need to buy pants and shoes and a fancy running bra and a neon colored headband. He rationalized that I was wearing pants. I rebutted that they're pajama pants. He won the argument by saying they are in fact workout pants, I only use them as pajamas.

 Dinner on the grill while the kids played in the yard, squeezing out the last drops of daylight. What a happy, happy, warm day. 


Corey said...

love the pic of Simon retrieving the coin from the pier! i just like the angle i guess. sounds like a perfect day!

Brown English Muffin said...

While I scrolled down to read this blog post and thinking about a friend who is considering stopping his blog I realized that the blogs I love to read are those that inspire me with the most mundane, not "I travelled to Egypt and gave an elephant a foot rub" post.

You're blogs a keeper!