Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Birthday boy

The dad was late call today, so he got to spend a good bit of the morning with us. 

We let the littlest open presents pretty early. He got a power wheels, a latch board puzzle, a little house with doorbells and keys, a monster truck, a ball, a new pair of shoes, and a lawn mower. 

Cowlicks everywhere!
 I asked the biggest to sit here as enticement for the littlest. He's all about stealing people's seats and the limelight. This one got his haircut yesterday and it's insane how much he looks like his dad these days. 
Our ploy worked. 
Trying to hold up two fingers. 
You wouldn't believe the amount of bribery that went into getting him to hold this face long enough for a picture. Once he figured out he got a lollipop just for cheesin', we couldn't get him stop. 

The cakes may have looked like crap, but he begged for them all day long. When we finally lit the candles, he couldn't stop saying, "Ank-ou, Mom. Mom, ank-ou. MOM! Anks!" And when Dad filled his little dollar tree party cup full of milk, he thanked him the whole time Dad was in the kitchen putting the milk back in the fridge. "DaaaAaaaD! Ank-ou. Mowk. Ank-ou, Dad." 

And then he'd turn and take a bite of his cake(while dipping his fingers in Felix's icing).

We didn't make it to the boats because the weather turned and Sean ended up being on call. We'll see the boats eventually. I don't think Jude understands it's his birthday, he just thinks it was the best day ever. Cake, balloons, his very own power wheels, his brother's tripping over themselves to celebrate his very existence...yeah, he had a good day. 


Jude said...

Happy Birthday Jude! :)

Corey said...

His cheesy grin! I can't stand the cuteness!

Brown English Muffin said...

All that cheese ...he deserved more than a lollipop. lol