Monday, March 02, 2015


I thought I'd document a sweet interaction. 
 This guy decided his book wasn't as exciting as his brothers.
 Ha. Ha.
 He got a bit too rough with his snuggles. His snuggles are actually finding an open space on his brothers' necks and scratching. It's a mean move and it doesn't earn him much adoration around here. I believe the "B" Titus is forming in this picture was the start of, "Butthead!" It's his go-to insult these days. That's brotherly love right there. Don't judge, we're working on it. 
 He's quick to ask for forgiveness, but he's a sour patch kid. He lures 'em in and then strikes again. 
 Titus has him figured out, but he also instigates to get Jude riled up. 
 Being the big brother, he's got it all figured out. Smug guy. 
Once upon a time, we thought about letting these two share a full bed. For Tito's sake, that's not gonna work. Sean has quite the alternative planned. As of now, Jude is still in a crib, but he managed to hook a leg up last night and I am full certain he'll be able to escape soon. <sigh>

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Jude said...

I was a firm believer in "leave em in the crib as long as possible." I swear, Alden would still be in it. I am a fan of the twin bed, it gives a nice separate area for when you shriek "go sit on your own bed and don't even look at each other!" not that i ever do that with my angel babies ;)