Monday, March 02, 2015

Snow Day

Sean hates the snow. To be able to talk him into going out in it to play with the kids was a huge accomplishment. Talking him into it is 90% of the battle. Once he's out there, he undeniably turns into a giant boy and has a blast. 

During our last snowfall, he busted his butt on the ice after helping a neighbor free their stuck truck. He wrenched his knee and has been hobbling around receiving equal amounts of sympathy and old man jokes. Ok...probably not equal amounts. Thankfully, his knee was mostly on the mend for this snowfall. They shut down the base and all was right in our world. 
Rather than just take in the beauty around us...rather than just calmly build a snowman together...rather than tug the baby around on a sled...rather than clear the snow from the driveway so we could get out in case of emergency: he fashioned a bazillion snowballs and 1/2 a snow castle before engaging in a full on snow war with the boys.
 The little two and I gave up on them, but not before I insisted upon a family picture. I got three in before a giant gust of wind blew snow all up in our faces and I the crowd went wild(with shouts of, "No more pictures!"). 
The cold made him delirious. He wouldn't keep his mittens on, so we didn't stay out long. 
We left the warriors outside and in we went for hot chocolate. 
He was blessing his hot chocolate.  

 Psssst...Jude! This is why nobody wants to sit by you at the table!
 Just as the hot chocolate was warming up on the stove, I hear the rest of the troop clomping in. 

"I hurt myself. I hurt myself bad. Gimme something."-Sean

Somehow it was all my fault as I was the one insisting we go out and enjoy the snow. It wasn't me who initiated a snow battle. I was half way into a six person snow family scene. Since Jude kept taking his gloves off, Mom and Dad Snow only had two segments and Simon snow was just a lump. Still...they were in the works. Instead of finishing my snow family, Sean decided to sprint back and forth across the yard, through eight inches of snow in bobo snow boots, decapitate my snow mom and fall while launching mom's head at Simon. injuring his recently healed knee. Thankfully, three days later, he is 99%.
 Felix was slurping on an ice cube having burned his tongue in his eagerness to consume liquid cocoa. 
 My boys don't hide much with their expressions. 
Apparently his hot chocolate level was lower than preferred. 
And now the snow has started to melt. As Felix recently asked, "Where's the warm weather? Isn't is Spring yet?" Poor kid still has Texas blood runnin' through his pipes. Admittedly I also thought Virginia would be in on the Spring thing by now. It is March. 

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Jude said...

I love the family shot! Did you set up your tri-pod? I took out my big camera in the morning, to get some tree shots, and the wind kept gusting snow onto to me and I was covering my poor camera as best I could! tell Sean to man-up german style! bwahahaha