Tuesday, March 10, 2015


 Literally, five seconds later...

He gives kisses without being asked. He'll crawl right up in your lap and lay one on you. He has also been known to bite cheeks under the guise of giving a kiss.

He does not give a crap about social norms. He does not feel the need to say hello when one greets him. He does not chat with strangers. He sees no problem with wiping his sticky, slobbery, dumdum pop goo on a perfect stranger. If someone sits down next to him and they happen to have clean sleeve napkins, that's on them.

He is busy. He doesn't play with toys a whole lot. He has his favorites, but for the most part, he just wanders around and gets into things.

He talks non-stop. Tonight he said "Amen" for the first time. It was the cutest word EVER. He said it, "Ah-mean."

He is in the lovey stage, but he is meaner than a snake. His moods swing drastically and quickly. I seem to remember phases with the others like this. That thought gives me hope. The boy is a riot...in every sense of the word.

90% of the time he has food on his face.

Any time he knows he has to sit still or be somewhat quiet he expects candy. You should see him in church, boy. He starts reaching in pockets before the preacher has said "Good Morning." He may come to love Jesus, but it's going to be with no teeth.

He's obsessed with shoes. I decided to bake ten little cakes and decorate them like shoes. Yeah. Cake decorating is for other people. We're either gonna have cake that tastes good or looks good. Apparently, we can't have both if they're made by Ma.

There is so much more I could say about this boy. I can't believe two whole years has passed since he came into our lives. What an awesome, awesome idea he turned out to be.

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Brown English Muffin said...

I'm reading while I'm at work...and I about spat out whatever was in my mouth when I read this "He may come to love Jesus, but it's going to be with no teeth."