Monday, April 06, 2015


After our friends left on Saturday, we needed a way to take our minds off the silence of our empty house(& hearts). Sean suggested fishing. He has four of his Pop Pop's fishing poles. After bringing them up to speed, we went to the closest pier. It's about 15 -20 minutes from our house and opens up into Mobjack Bay. The pier was pretty crowded with fishermen, but Titus, Jude, and I had the beach to ourselves. Felix joined us from time to time to give us updates about how they weren't catching anything. 

Jude dumped an entire box of cheddar crackers in the sand, much to the seagulls' delight. He now shouts, "Ea-gull!" and then shrieks at the top of his lungs. His shrill scream does actually sound like a seagull. It's a joy that we see seagulls no less than nineteen thousand times a day. 

In the midst of all the shrieking/peace of the waves sloshing to the shore...I realized just how awesome it is to live here. The boys have suddenly blossomed into little Southern boys. They are all about the woods and animals and fishing and water. They are filthy and sunburned and completely, blissfully happy. 
Sean has some guys coming over this weekend to clear this land behind Titus. I don't want them to take down any trees, just clear the scraggly bush and low limbs. We want to put in some steps and a dock so we can use the water. 

In the meantime, our neighbor said we can use his dock and boat. See Sean and the bigs in the water?
They went "real quick" this morning. They left the house at 8:20 a.m. I tried to leave at 12:30 only to realize Sean had my keys. I had just been out to the deck to yell, "Quit playing with your dinghy!" yet by the time I went to request my keys there were around a bend in the lake and couldn't hear me.
 Titus, Jude, and I grabbed the spare set and headed into town. We got a text at 3:40: Get aloe.

As I started dinner around 6:30, I looked out to see them back in the doggone lake! This time, though, they were actually catching fish. One pike that they put back. One large mouth bass that broke the line. And as I finished dinner, Felix came running in, visibly shaken. "You won't believe what I just saw! A fish ate a duck!" 

"No," me.
"YES!" him.
"No, that can't be right," me.
"I saw it! With my own eyes!" him.

After confirming his story with the other eye witnesses, we googled. What the heck kind of fish EATS ducks?! Some version of a muskie. Sean said the sucker was conservatively 3 feet long. 

A few days ago, Sean was in the bait and tackle store. When he mentioned where he wanted to fish, the bait and tackle guy said it's a secret fishing hole that hasn't been fished for a long time. Another fella from a place we stopped to look at boats said, "The Mill Pond? That's been let be for a long time! You might find Nessie in there, ride ya all the way to Hayes." :) 

Sean thought maybe this duck eating fish was Nessie. Whatever it was, it was enough to get them out of the lake. I can't wait to hear more legends about the giant fish. 
 The two littles stayed in the yard to cheer them on. And aggravate each other. I did manage to snag this one, though! It's going in a frame. 

 Clapping for the bass they caught. 
 Daffodils are big around here and we have gobs and gobs of them in our yard. I figured it was high time we bring some in. My country boys still know how to steal a girl's heart. 
 Are ya gonna sniff it? Well, are ya, Punk? This picture was totally worth the broken flower. 
 I'm not sure if it was on purpose or not that Titus cut six flowers. One for each of us. 
We are loving our little corner of the world. Forts and fish and sand in every nook and cranny. I'll take it. 


kimrairdon said...

Love it :)

So.... are you guys planning on swimming in that lake? I have never seen a fish eat a duck!

We so want to come visit....

Brown English Muffin said...

Welcome home!

Corey said...

I was wondering the same thing….do people swim in that lake?? I'd be afraid of that fish swallowing my foot. :P
Sounds like y'all found a beautiful piece of heaven!