Thursday, April 16, 2015


1 week(North Carolina)
Three(South Carolina)
This guy.
He's a charmer.
He's Felix's bickering partner. 
He's Jude's punching bag.
He Simon's biggest fan.

He's up on two wheels.
He can pilot the big brothers' electric scooters.
He's learning to fish and swim.
And play chess.
He can tie his shoes and read.

He's older than the others were at six.
His interests are older.
His sarcasm is more advanced than it should be.
His comedic timing is spot on.
He cares a lot about what his brothers' think.

He likes Minecraft and Pokemon.
He wants a dog.
He hasn't lost any teeth yet, but is concerned about the whole process.
He nags. Oh my goodness, does he nag.
He doesn't take no for an answer until it's been said eighteen times.

He was the cutest baby!
He is the most charming boy.
He's lived in six states.
I have more pictures of him than any of the others. 
I feel time slipping away faster with him than any of the others. 
He's gotten to six way too quickly. 

I'm so glad he's mine. 
He makes being a mama a fun job. 


Corey said...

It seems like the two littles are catching up to the two bigs quite quickly. How in the world does that happen? I was rummaging through some things the other day and found a scrap of the fabric I used to make Titus' blanket. The fabric looked brand new so certainly the kid must be too, right? Six!! I can't believe it.

Brown English Muffin said...

He's awesome too!

Tracy Stanton said...

Love him! Must find pic of him and my Dad from Father's Day when he was probably one!!!