Monday, May 11, 2015

Jude's first flight

It was early. Up at 3:45am, out the door by 4. We didn't hit any snags during boarding other than a swimming pool sized candy bowl. I am so thankful that was there. Especially since none of the airport restaurants were open yet. No breakfast + tons of candy=no naps on either flight. 

 We fill up two rows. Both flights, last row by the bathroom. Not cool. Who craps on a plane??? Turns out, a lot of people. 

 Another joy of sitting in the last row is that there is either no window, or a lovely view of the engine.
 My view wasn't bad though...:D Hello, hotness. 
 The man tries to be all tough. He ain't nothin' but a big, squishy, Dad-sized marshmallow. 
 Jude knows it. Sean knows it. 
And I'm so thankful I have him to fly though this life with. 

1 comment:

Jude said...

"Jude knows it. Dad knows it." hahahahaha.
I once had to sit in that last aisle... the girl next to me was amazed when I broke out the pocket size lysol and destinkified the whole area. I don't even pee on planes. bleh.