Monday, May 11, 2015

Mack retrieval

We flew out to Texas to pick up our motorhome that's been sitting in storage for way too long. Motorhomes don't do well in storage (when the owner doesn't listen to his wife). 

When left in the Texas sun for three years, uncovered, they become shelter to many, many, many wasp's homes. The windows also have a tendency to gather moisture between the panes and fog within. Thankfully, the tires were fine. Dry rot was our biggest fear as those tires aren't cheap and there are six of them. 

 We have a family of best friends that put us up for the weekend. We had so much fun on their urban farm. We fell in love with chickens. Sean didn't give me any redheaded girls, I'm thinking redheaded hens may just be the next best thing. 
 Happy hour just happened to fall on the days we were there. Between our family of six and their family of seven, we worked those baristas. 
 Things were built and blown up. 
 Games were played, forts were built, swimming, jumping, dirt biking, scootering, rip sticking, birthday partying...

 Above all else, friendships were rekindled and set deeper in the foundations of big and little hearts alike. The amount of tears shed at the goodbyes between the mamas and the kiddos would fill at least a child sized swimming pool. I'm so, so thankful for these people. It made me miss Texas more than ever. 

Alas, the time came for us to say goodbye. Our intent was for the trip to be more of a vacation than a cannon ball run across the country. Somehow we forgot it's a 22+ hour drive. 

 I don't know why I took so many pictures at meal times. They're kinda my favorite RV moments. 

 As you can see, Sean is always thrilled by my selfie needs. 

 We killed every bug in Louisiana and can't reach the windshield with a normal squeegee. This guy happened to be pressure washing the gas station driveway. :D

 Tito slept A LOT. We all got sick on the plane. Sean was the worst as his allergies kicked in on top of the sinus junk picked up on filthy Delta airlines. 

 We made it home in one piece. The trip home wasn't all the rage I wanted it to be. Sean lovingly asked me not to freakin' ask to get back in the stupid motorhome for at least two weeks. Naturally, I waited two whole days. He's a marshmallow, as mentioned in a previous post, and he gave in. I'll post all about that trip separately. :) 

I'm so glad to have Mack back!! I'd like to be super hardy, mountain men type campers. Truth is, we camp in a house on wheels. I am able to make toast. I sleep in a more comfy bed when camping than when at home. 

I'm okay with that. 


Jude said...

I love that last pic of all of you! I didn't realize you'd left mack uncovered! I don't do hot summer camping in the tent... it is gross to be sweaty and smelly at night... so your AC is def a plus! LOL :)

Corey said...

To think the first blog post of yours I ever read was a pic of a young couple, mom with a baby on her hip, dad with a nervous smile, and big brother clinging to moms leg, all standing at the door of an RV, embarking on a new adventure. The title was GO!
I love that what?…..8 years and 3 kids later y'all are still going!!
*sorry, got a little sentimental there! *sniff*