Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day(with way too many pictures)

Hallmark holidays...when they're about me, we celebrate. The entire weekend if possible. ;)
 Saturday, this guy went on a farmer's market run with me. I thought they'd have breakfasts stuffs at the healthy market. Turns out, no. We did score some extremely expensive, local fish and tomato plants though. 

We went to our favorite go-to breakfast place only to find they don't open until 10:30. On a Saturday morning. In a small town. Hmm...their bakery part was open, so they could serve cinnamon rolls and cupcakes only. 

Of course we stayed. 
And then hit the chicken swap on the way home. Yup, I live in a town with a chicken swap. 
 Once home, I led with, "We need chickens." Suddenly, camping didn't seem so far fetched and the man agreed. 

We take appliances camping with us. I understand this does not fall under the definition of camping. Again, I'm okay with that. When y'all get tired of sweating and swatting, come on in to my air conditioned house on wheels. 
 This guy was super pumped about our camping trip. 

 We went to a fam-camp at a local military base. A friend told us about this little strip of beach along the river. It's a steep cliff to get down, but the shells are worth it. We let the big two go. 

The picture is deceptive. It's probably a fifty foot cliff, straight down. 
He was so mad that we wouldn't let him go down. I had no problem with him getting down, it was getting him back up that worried me. 

 And then fishing was a must. We left our bait at home and bought worms at the bait shop. Turns out, York River fish are snobby and don't like worms. There was one family fishing not too far from us that were reeling them in left and right. 

Once we gave up and I went to retrieve two of my children from said fishing party(they'd given up on us losers), I found out their secret. 

1. They were fishing with shrimp. 
2. They had about fifteen poles in the water between three people. 
3. They'd been there a solid twelve hours. 
4. They were completely drunk. 

 Sean and Simon stayed and got disappointed, the rest of the boys and I went to the less dangerous beach for more shells since T didn't get to go down the super steep cliff.

 And then we ate hot dogs and smores. Felix and Titus made a friend at the campground and hunted frogs until bedtime. 
 We woke up early Sunday morn and stuffed ourselves with leftover vitamin M & packed up. 
 Why yes, yes I am lucky. 
 Once home, we did wagon rides while Sean cooked dinner of aforementioned super expensive, local fish. It was amazing.
 Just like him. 

 This guy went into fish coma and Simon wanted to watch A-Team with no brotherly interruptions. 
 So the two middles and I went for ice cream. 

And I told Sean this morning that it was the best Mother's Day ever. 

I love these boys. 


Jude said...

Love it! We went camping on Mother's Day weekend too, and the boys had no luck with the fishing. I will have to tell Micah about the shrimp! I love all the pics, and that fish does look yummy, tell Sean A+

Corey said...

What a fun weekend! I love all the pics, but the ones with you and all 4 boys the best!