Tuesday, June 09, 2015

I kinda like him...

These are from way back on our anniversary. Simon caught a few good ones. 

It was a good day. 
It was the day we found out baby number five is on his or her way. 
Ironically, it's the day I sold my last cloth diaper on eBay. 

I don't have a breast pump anymore. 
I gave away all of my baby clothes, even the favorites I had held onto for years. 
I sold all of my maternity clothes. 

This is the second time I've done such a thing. 
Only this time I really meant it. 

Such is life. 
Such is love.

I have not a clue how far along I am. 
No idea when I'm due. 
I could be twelve weeks, I could be four weeks. 
My gut looks about sixteen weeks. 
I honestly can't figure it out. 

A funny Sean moment: "How could you not know your dates? If I was bleeding from my <use your imagination> I would know the day. I'd have a plaque made. I'd bronze a pair of shoes. SOMETHING to remember the date." 

Well, obviously. But for a woman, it's a regular thing. I should've had some app tracker. I had a ton of visitors, a ton of weeks in a row. I have a ton of kids. We went a ton of places. We have a ton of...fun.  I don't have room in my brain for dates. I don't get distracted much by my "dates." They come and go, y'know? 

So, yeah, I'm pregnant. 
I'm gonna have a baby!
It doesn't feel real and I've known for three weeks. 
Since May 19. Our 14th anniversary. 
Apparently I can remember some dates.  

Video details(posted on FB): I planned to tell him while romantically strolling the beach, but it was too hot. I stuck the test down in a fishing pole hook package that said QTY:5. Ignore the southernness in my voice. I am NOT that country in real life. Maybe only when I'm excited? Anyway, it makes me laugh. 

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