Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Blog July28

1- Seeing the #womenbetrayed rallies gives me hope. Perhaps we will be the generation that ends the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of human lives every year.

2- We've always told our boys, "Watch out how you treat X. One day, he'll be bigger than you." That day has finally come. Felix weighs in at exactly one pound more than Simon. I guess it's saying something that Simon can dead lift more than he weighs as he can tote Felix around. Though...not so  easily as he once did.

3- I've been riding my bike 4-8 miles/day lately. That's a lie. I rode 8 miles once, but still...Tonight, Felix asked if he could come. "Can you keep up with an old lady?" I asked. "Psshhh, yeah," he replied. He was even riding with no hands at certain points during the ride. This old lady showed him the value of endurance. He yelled out, "I'll catch up!" as we entered the last 3/4 of a mile. Not a chance. As he skidded into the garage red faced, a solid minute behind me, I said, "You got smoked by an old lady. Couldn't keep up after all, huh?" His (much appreciated) retort, "You're not that old."

4- "Everyone thinks forgiveness is a lovely idea until he has something to forgive." C.S. Lewis

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to really forgive someone. Especially when they've wronged so deeply and loved so unfaithfully and hurt so many. How can one truly forgive? I have a whole blog post brewing about this one. I just need to let it simmer a little longer.

5- I just received Simon's 7th Grade orientation email. It blows my mind in a big, big way that my kid is starting middle school. We're switching things up a bit this year. We aren't technically homeschooling. Feel free to email if you have any questions. I kept it vague on purpose.

6- My parents are the greatest. We can't wait to have them close by. :) Hint, hint.
7- Dentist appointments tomorrow. Can someone tell me when laughing gas become the norm? If it's so necessary, why doesn't insurance cover it? I never had it easy at the dentist as a kid, is it wrong for me to question? I got the whole, "It's gonna feel like a bee sting. Little stiiiiing..." as they axed into my gums with a pointy machete. Now kids walk out laughing? It's not right. ;)

8- Tomorrow is also the boys' last swim lesson. Simon & Felix, aces. I think they're done for a bit. This particular pool is not deep enough to give diving instruction or practice. That's really all they have left to perfect. Titus is making so much progress that I hate to stop now. 

9- I have six weeks of Project Life pictures sorted. Ready to get caught up!

10- I can't believe I've made it almost the entire month with blogging. I cheated a few times, but there are close to 31 posts...It almost feels normal to be sharing my thoughts again. I doubt I'll keep it daily, but I'd certainly like to type my thoughts out more often. 

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Corey said...

I still love reading your blog every day. One day I want to get back to it myself. We'll see. #5…is that the online school you'd mentioned before or are you doing something different? We're switching up a bit too…Jake will take science at a co-op this year and I'm still debating what to do for high school. My intention was always to send him to regular school. But now that its so close I don't know! I can not believe 7th grade…how can that be??!