Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Blog July1

1. I'm all caught up on my 2015 Project Life. The last couple of weeks were hard to get in there. I didn't realize until after the fact that I really wasn't ready.

2. Life has been split into before and after. Life has changed in a way that is inevitable having been touched by something terrible when we haven't been before. There has been a dynamic shift and I will never be the same. My perspective has changed. It's not necessarily a bad thing, just a thing.

3. It's been two weeks since I lost the baby. I don't like that phrase really. I didn't lose any baby, I know where she is. I guess it's more pleasant than the alternatives. Anyway...I was thinking about what it would've been like to find out she was a girl under normal circumstances. We were going to have a reveal party. I imagine slicing into a cake and seeing pink icing and the crowd going wild. It would've been fun. Oh well.

4. Swim lessons start again on Monday. All three kids have moved up a level. I was lucky to get them all in during the same time slot. Unfortunately, that time slot is dinner-5:45-6:35. I bought a lot of string cheese and granola bars on my last trip.

5. Is it just me or are grocery prices going up, quickly? I've cut out my trips to Whole Foods 90 minutes away. We're making do until a WF closer to us is complete. Even with the local grocery stores sales and shopping at the commissary, our grocery bill is high. I get that we eat healthy. I get that we have a lot of growing boys to feed. However, I'm not shopping any differently than last month or six months ago and I'm still seeing an increase.

6. Perhaps I'll distract myself with Facebook matters and not worry about silly things like inflation and a flailing economy.

7. Sometimes I feel like 2015 is a real life version of Wall-E mixed with a little bit of the Crow. Remember that creepy movie? Perhaps it's only me.

8. We had visitors last week. It's been a while since we had a bunch in a row. My mom came with all the baby sadness and kept me from losing all my marbles. Sometimes a girl just needs her ma. Titus was pretty good at making sure Grandma knows we need her closer.

9. Then my childhood BFF came and cooked me dinner even though her husband is the one deployed.  She has been through the same sadness, so it was great to be able to hash things out with someone who truly understands.
We took them to our favorite place where Titus insisted he pay for Ari's and his ice cream. As I set it down in front of them, the miniature male asked, "How much did this cost me? $7?! How much do I have left?!" Hopefully he discovered the real value of buying ice cream for a sweet girl. 

10. Lastly, someone who's husband isn't going to fall for the, "Chrissy's house is on the way..." line again. :D We see these crazies in spurts. We're able to pick right up where we left off every time, but this time I was really able to see how big the time gaps are. I don't believe we've ever been successful at getting all these boys to stand still for a picture. Not at the same time and not so quickly. What are they...growing up?

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