Sunday, July 12, 2015

Blog July12

This marks my 1500th post. I have had this little memory keeper since Sean began travel nursing many moons ago. Simon was three and Felix was just shy of a year old when I started this as a way to keep my family in the loop. Craziness. I haven't been as motivated to blog over the last few years, but the last two days have shown me just how much I love my online soapbox.

Hear ye, hear ye! I'm getting ready to step on some toes. Again. I figured I might as well so long as a few are still mad at me. This will give them two things to hate me for instead of just one. I'm a BOGO girl at heart.

Lord, give me clarity of thought. Give me Your words to say, not mine. If I offend people, let it be for their benefit and let it cause them to look to You.

And some Scripture to peruse:

My brothers and sisters, if one of you should wander from the truth and someone should bring that person back, remember this: Whoever turns a sinner from the error of their way will save them from death and cover over a multitude of sins. James 5:19-20

Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Proverbs 27:5

Should we just love people and mind our own business? Isn't Jesus all about love and cupcakes and happiness and letting people do their thang?  

Jesus is about righteousness. "He cares more about your holiness than your happiness."-Dr. Ken Fentress. Holiness doesn't involve a steady stream of sin and neither does happiness. As Christians we are told to address the sin in our brother's and sister's lives. When someone in the Church sins, it becomes our business. Certainly take a good hard look at yourself. Most definitely get the plank out of your own eye. But don't sit on the sidelines and watch your family members slip silently to the point of no return. 

But, "lovetolerancelove. Oh, and don't judge." 

If you believe life is sacred, can you love abortion? If you love honesty, should you tolerate lying? If your child has a drug problem, should you cover their sins with tolerance? Should you just hug it out as they kill themselves? 

What if instead of being loving and tolerant, Christians were loving and honest? What if instead of loving people straight into hell, Christians told the Truth? What if we truly loved people and said, "Because I love you, it's killing me inside to watch you go down this path?" vs. tolerating their sin and never letting them hear about the chance for redemption. How is it that telling someone, "Hey, I see where this is headed. It's not lined up with Scripture and you're destroying yourself and others with your actions," how is it that telling someone that makes us hateful? 

So, if I disagree with someone I hate them?  I have disagreed with everyone I've ever known at some point in our history. As have all humans on this planet. And possibly cats. I'm pretty sure cats disagree with everyone also. 

What if someone spoke up when their coworker talked about a weekend fling when he plays the part of a married man? They could save a marriage. What if someone spoke up when the teenager with the crazy eyes tries to buy a gun? They could save lives. What if someone asked the weeping woman, "What's wrong?" What if people got real and went deeper and stopped minding their own business?!

The reason this world is spinning out of control is because the Christians are lining up in droves to hear the latest pop-preacher. The type who compare eternal damnation to lipstick on someone's teeth and suggest the Law is really not a list of rules, but rather suggestions. The type who fleece the masses with their empty promises and name it and claim it theology. The Jesus-came-for-your-happiness type. These pastors who run onto stage as heart shaped confetti is dropped from the rafters are telling their congregants to "Live and let live. Love people by minding your own business!" It's dangerous and people are lapping it up. They are sitting under this umbrella of LOVE and missing the whole reason they have an umbrella! They're comfy to stay under that umbrella and never acknowledge the storm. 

You can't have love without truth. You can't have truth without love. You can't have either without Jesus. 

One last thing...most of the feedback on my last post was positive. I was most nervous about how my divorced friends would digest what I had to say. I don't know everyone's situation(as was not so kindly pointed out to me) and this was in no way meant to offend those who have had a spouse walk away when they were willing to fight for their marriage. That post was aimed at the unrepentant, unforgiving, narcissistic type who walk away from that spouse who wants to work it out. If that's you, I'm sorry if the truth offends you. Seek Him! 

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