Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Blog July14

1. It's never too late. To ask for forgiveness, or to forgive. It's never too late.

2. I have a real blog post brewing, but I'm tired. Emotionally tired, physically tired, tired of everybody else's crap.

3. After a particularly rude human ruined the start to my perfectly bubbly attitude today, I started counting. I said excuse me to five people in the grocery store and not a single one acknowledged me. I apologized to two after almost bumping into them with my giant spaceship cart-even though they are the ones who walked into my path- and neither of them acknowledged me. Not a nod, not a, "you're fine," not a smile, not even eye contact. And then I got to the commissary cashier...There's a reason people call it the Co-misery.

4. The #plannedparenthood scandal involving evil #plannedparenthood selling baby organs(#organtrafficking)...disgusting. The way people are actually defending it lets me see just how far our society has come. And I realize, rude shoppers in the grocery store are the least of our problems.

5. I found out today that even though everybody on Facebook was talking about the above atrocity, it doesn't "trend" unless hashtags are attached. According to that little tidbit of information, people care more about cats with hair styled like Donald Trump's than they do about genocide. #Jesuscomequick

6. I read an article today that I planned to do a whole post about, but I'll probably forget. It was basically saying that white people are inherently racist and there's not a thing to be done about it. It was a super long article and I read it to the very end. Many, many words about the racist white culture, yet not one solution. No suggestions on how to make our human race better. He also said that racism is obvious in how the media reports and how Hollywood doesn't cast black characters in movies. Because of these two facts(& a few others that could be negated with statistics), he summarizes that all white people are racist. So...he's characterizing an entire race based on Hollywood and the media. And that's not racist? First of all, all races can agree that the media is crap. They stopped doing their jobs long, long ago and that's why nobody listens to mainstream news outlets. Secondly, what can I, as an individual do about hollywood or the media? They don't influence my life. They don't form my opinions for me. They certainly don't control my mind, my heart, or my actions.

7. All that to say, racism isn't a race issue, it's a heart issue. None of us can change the color of our skin. Every single one of us-red, yellow, black, and white, have prejudices. I heard someone say that black people can't be racist. That's a buncha bull. Know how I know? Because we're all sinners. We all have evil in our heart and racism is evil. Know what else? There's a cure, found only in Jesus. We're all one race, the human race, and the only way to combat racism is to love people...of all colors.

8. His whole point was that black people need to talk about racism. I think all people need to talk about racism. Yet, here I sit, ready to delete the last two points because I don't feel like I'm allowed to talk about them. As a white person, to even bring it up, I feel damned. Then again, it's my blog, so... Pissed? Take a number!

9. I can't wait to get to Heaven and have all this crap behind us. Maybe there we'll see each other as Jesus sees us. The way we ought to see one another.

10. "Jude, what's on the box?"
"A ko-a..."
"A what?"
"A ko-a...It's a bear."

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