Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Blog July15

My shaggy haired little buddy. 
I am so proud of this guy. 
Something finally clicked at swim lessons. I told his teacher at his first lesson that he's pretty stubborn and will only do as much as he wants to do. No amount of persuasion or empty promises can get this kid to do anything he doesn't want to do. He was that way with riding a two wheeler, tying his shoes, and learning to read. 

It's just something inside of him. Once he's convinced himself that he's capable, he can do anything. Once his inner confidence is set, he can conquer any fear. Today, it just happened to be swimming. As I sat on the bench giving him thumbs up, he just smiled at me smugly. As if to say, "Yeah? So? Of course I can swim." 

He has so much to prove to his brothers. He shines when he gets their approval. When they laugh at his jokes or compliment his ideas. When he beats them at something, oh boy. 

Today I heard his laughter from another room and I thought...that is everything. That's what it's all about. Their laughter, the memories, the monotony of the day to day. They make it all worth it. 

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Jude said...

If he could be talked into everything, you'd have a lot to worry about during those teen years... am I right?!?! ;)