Saturday, July 18, 2015

Blog July18

The thing about coastal Virginia is that there are hidden beaches all over the place. My goal is to find them all. ALL. This is the third hidden beach I've hunted down, and so far, my favorite. 
 We were the only people on the beach. On a Saturday morning in July. Don't think we weren't thankful. :D

 Only half of us wore swim stuff due to the level of jellyfish in the water. Jellyfish stings are no joke. That, and Felix checked out a book on sharks at the library. Yeah, we swim in swimming pools. 
 We noticed a swarm of birds circling and started watching the water. Dorsal fins started popping up and it was the coolest experience ever. None of us have ever seen a dolphin. 

 Know what boys like to do after a long day of playing on the beach: not take pictures(with their sister or their mother). 

 One shoe+a soggy diaper+no pants= a good day at the beach. 
 After the beach, we went exploring. There are so many cool little towns along the different peninsulas and I'm glad we finally got to visit some of them. 

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